UNIONBANK Set to Construct Unionbank Innovation Campus in San Pedro, Laguna

Friday, June 04, 2021

Got off the Unionbank a little hopeful for our country. You see, the bank innovators just broke ground on this new initiative called the Unionbank Innovation Campus. Aside from their digital transformation a couple of years ago and the effective hackathons they hosted through the years,  their digital solutions continue to satisfy their customers needs. Putting this knowledge to a whole new generation of Filipinos is a must and they're putting their brains where their mouth is.

The Unionbank Innovation Campus will be constructed on a sprawling one hectare property in San Pedro, Laguna. They are banking on (sorry I had to say that line lol) their capabilities in research and development, plus their expertise in fields of data science, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital banking (EON) and their Asian Institute of Digital Transformation which they have partnered with Singapore based Global Learning Solutions.

UnionBank President and CEO Edwin Baustista says "This is our dream, our testament to invest in the future not just in the Philippines but the rest of Asia. This is our thrust in the Aboitiz group and is a major step to become a hub for technology in the region. We want to create the future of banking and it starts with this facility."

The campus will be completed around 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2022, so if you're looking forward to have the know how on everything that concerns these technologies, it'll be best to head down south. News like these just excites me, I hope they have online options (which I'm sure they will) because it's pretty far from my home in QC. I'd like to look at graduate studies if it's going to be part of their curriculum.


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