CATRIONA GRAY Launches Own Single RYF (Raise Your Flag)

Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray just recently released her single RYF (Raise Your Flag). She was in Australia, but there were media from all around the world asking questions, pretty good to see that in the morning yeah?

Catriona says "If you see discrimination on your workplace, in school, you can stand up for that. You need to empathize and listen. I believe the song's message is standing up for someone or for something. It can be as simple as an employer looking after your people, a leader looking after your community, around the world, not just the Philippines. I think that's the message from RYF.Recording is a different field, when I came back to the PH after my reign, I had to do RYF, it's lending my voice for something that I believe it. I encourage for people to do the same, to resonate with my journey and hope they too can connect with that. A lot of things have been changed but I've been working on this silently and I'm excited to release more music soon."

She adds "In RYF, there is a line that says "Whatever dreams there is in your heart" whenever you have a certain ambition, an interest, you have a dream in your heart for a reason. I really want to put it there. 2021 is going to be interesting, I have a few upcoming organizations that I will work with this year. It is my role giving back to the community and I recognize my privilege and there are people who are in hard times. I know I can be of service. When I was younger, when I was in highschool, I never knew what I wanted to do. I didn't know my purpose, but life is a journey, we have plans, but at the end of day we will be nudged to somewhere else, listen to your inner compass. At a certain point, you have to choose if you want to live for others, or yourself, it's a decision that you have to make, if you want to live your life, it's a bit of a journey."

"I want to be able to perform in different places around the world. When you put yourself out there, a new work, a new place, a new career, there is self doubt. When I submitted an entry to BB Pilipinas, I came from losing something, wanting to try again, there was so much doubt. Will I even get in as candidate? Another title? I realized that when I was on stage, I can talk for things that I care about. I searched for that feeling again, to live my life, to cry, but I can."

"RYF is an anthem for me, a personal song and I hope people connect with that. People are showing so much support and I'm glad people are appreciating the song and my music."

Her single RYF (Raise Your Flag) is now available for streaming on Spotify and other streaming sites around the world. This is under Star Music and ABSCBN. Go do it now!


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