What's THIS and THAT on those Mentos Rolls?

Sunday, June 27, 2021

You must be wondering what those THIS and THAT writings are on the Mentos packs. It's actually something that the folks from Perfetti Van Melle thought of in order to break the ice. Have a new friend? A new found relative? Want to know that person you like but don't know how to start a conversation? Well, this is going to make your life easier. See, I've got a few rolls of the Mentos at home with this limited edition inscription This and That. I like the berry/fruit flavored ones but you can always have the minty fresh ones, to each his own.

Now go ahead and let your friend sit beside you (or maybe a few feet away following IATF guidelines LOL) and let them know that you want to get to know them more, so you're going to play a game. Get a pen and paper handy or better yet, prepare a white board and a couple of whiteboard pens so you can write and erase easily. Grab a roll of Mentos and start sharing the candy  by opening them up and check each piece.

Now you're presented with options. You've got to choose which of these actually personifies you. Do you like This or That? Choose your answer and put them on the whiteboard or paper which you prepared earlier. Then after that, show it to your friend so YOU would get to know each other. Ask her why she chose that answer, figure out how you guys are compatible, even over a Mentos.

Mentos is sold on Shopee, so make sure you follow the PerfettoVanMelle_phils Shopee account so you can get discounts on their brand day. They had one last June 20 and sold these Mentos rolls at 50% OFF which is a huge deal! They also have discount codes and vouchers so it's pretty good that you follow their Facebook page, just search for Mentos Philippines and you'll be there.

Oh and for what its worth, you get to know that person without thinking about it. You also get to know what activities you are compatible in. Who knows, that may just spark something special!


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