BEKO Initiatives for Climate Change

Thursday, June 24, 2021

In a product showcase done this evening, European brand BEKO told us how it is possible to use recycled materials, bio composites and detergent saving technologies on appliances. It is their company's contribution in order to rid of climate crisis, something we all can start at home.

Present during the occasion was Arcelik's CEO Hakan Bulgurlu and their CMO Zeynep Yalim Uzun. They also had their CCo Ragip Balcioglu discuss how it became their mission to do sustainability efforts in manufacturing their line of products in order to have a positive impact on the world we live in.

Arcelik's CEO Hakan Bulgurlu says "COVID has changed our lives in the past two years, but with science, we have been able to see the end of the tunnel. We have been doing a lot of work with our product range. By coming together, we are defeating COVID by science. The climate crisis also is a concern, so with this, we are also addressing it with science as well. The climate crisis is man made, we can overcome this too. We have reduced emissions, but we have to do more. Unless we do the necessary, we are not going to be in the right track. Respecting the world, respecting worldwide is our slogan. We want to reduce emissions by 30%. Products that consumers buy as it goes into homes also are included. Today, Arcelik will work tirelessly and stretch our goals over the coming months. Hopefully we can do this in all our value chain. We commit to have fuel, plastic, waste, water, become reduced as part of our goals. The green wave is coming, it's here and here to stay. It makes good business sense that you can do the right thing without costing much. We are doing this because we believe it brings us an opportunity for our business to create a new brand, especially when you want to be different compared to your competitors. I believe when we do this, we'll get ahead. It makes business sustainable. Appliances should use less energy, and be built with quality recycled materials. We have products that reflect this principle. We will apply this across the board including packaging, in almost all areas of our business, it's a long journey but we have to lead by example. We need to continue, so others will follow, so we can fight this challenge in climate crisis. The urgency is real, we need to act together. Every decision we make, this will be in our attention."

Brendan Edgerton the Director of World Business Council for Sustainable Development adds "Everything is connected, COVID is seen as a restart for all of us."

Ragip Balcioglu the CCO of Arcelik says "Regardless of how business starts, there is one thing consumers want. They want CHANGE. Everyone changed shopping habits during the pandemic. Arcelik has always been doing sustainability efforts for a number of years now. We are a leader in our industry, working with a vision to an entire ecosystem."

Zeynep Yalim Uzun the CMO of Arcelik says "We are aligned with our consumers sustainability goals. We have been developing products that make healthy living possible. We are commited in recycling, have energy efficient products that support sustainable living. This is what the consumer wants. It's great to see we are in the same page as this. Working towards a healthier planet, we need technologies that  lower carbon footprint. It's a great push for us, but we encourage other manufacturers to follow suit as well. We utilize AI, did videos that reached millions of people so more people can join our journey."

From washing machines, dryers, these things can use recyclable materials in order to create these appliances. They also do fishnets on plastic parts, including industrial threads waste and integrate it to plastic parts in the last two years. The company also use environmentally friendly materials in their Bio Cycle Refrigerators. They use bio plastics, with egg trays made from soybean oil, egg shells and other materials.

They have several campaigns that address obesity in the past like "Eat Like a Pro", and now evolved it to something that is more shifted to the attention to the community, and the world. They do "Healthy Living on a Healthy Planet". And I think that's a good thing to address.


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