Kathryn Bernardo and Alodia Hints New realme 5G Smartphone?

Tuesday, June 15, 2021



There are leaks, but there are some really obvious hints of a new 5G smartphone from realme with these two posts from Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo and Cosplay Queen Alodia Gosengfiao. realme as you may know has already copped the #1 spot in sales figures released since third quarter last year and continue to grow despite the pandemic. 

5G structure has already been built in the past couple of years and utilizing it as it becomes available is surely the way to go. But there are only a few phones that are capable of it. realme has of course proven itself in the manners of making it quality, powerful, but affordable. In Kathryn's post, she was just casually telling how she's now started to pick up gaming as a hobby delving into popular ones like Call of Duty Mobile,  Mobile Legends Bang Bang, League of Legends Wild Rift and PUBG Mobile among others. Then Alodia did a screen shot and placed a couple of hashtags signifying #InfinitePossibilitieswith5G and tells Kat that it's going to be exciting from here. Well that to me is a clear indication of a 5G phone we have no knowledge of yet.

Seems to me it's about to happen soon. Better follow their social channels so you get first dibs, or better yet follow @kumagcow so we could hang and talk about it more. Like their previous releases, I hope it's affordable, powerful and of quality.


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