POKWANG Transfers to GMA: Her Shows and Future Plans

Monday, June 21, 2021

Word spread like wildfire last week as news of her transferring networks was being talked about in the grapevine. I love her and her husband, more so when I got the chance to talk to them in different projects over the years. She's no less than Pokwang, I usually call her Ms. Pokie of course. She's very nice, she keeps to it that she always is when she works people and its evident that even if this is a major change, everyone is still supportive of her. That alone is a testament how she's been able to keep friendships tight.

Ms. Pokie says "The process was good, we didn't ruffle feathers. My transition overall was smooth. It wasn't easy though because I've been there for years. I'm an artist and I wanted to do more things. Although we were given a lot of things, we were just too many, so I had to decide. The contract is also 3 years in GMA Artist Center. I've wanted to work with Alden, Rayver, Jennelyn, Dingdong, Dennis Trillo, Marian Rivera, Carla, Aiai, Uge, but I've had the opportunity to work with Michael V recently for Pepito Manaloto, so you'll see that soon."

Asked for what she'll bring in GMA, she says "When I was an OFW, I was a choreographer. Maybe if I'll do things here, I can sing and dance while I'm cooking. I'm a happy Mom, it's not easy I know, but I hope they get to know me as a resilient artist, one who would give smiles no matter what happens. I can't really stop doing my businesses because I have a lot of people that I need to help with regards to that business. I don't want to stop that because they also need that to live, to earn, we need to fight for that."


The hardest person she had to say goodbye to was ABSCBN Entertainment Executive Deo Endrinal whom she mentioned during this interview.

She also talks about her business and says "I'll be launching a few new products soon, so I hope people still patronize that. It's not that easy to do this, and of course, but they're really forward thinking, they were open to accept my decision so in a way, they really did support me. Like what I said, I left a mark when they say my name, they know I treat people equally. It's not everyday that you are on top, you have to treat everyone equally and accept them fully. This is my passion, I'm an artist, I still have a lot of things I want to do, I'm a comedian, I'm a businesswoman, my flamboyant character would never go out, I'll still do that when there are huge events. I want to thank the people where I started, ABSCBN, I want to also thank for whatever I have now, the people who supported me and continue to do til now. Thank you. Thank you also to God who protects us, keep us healthy. I'm giving GMA the trust because I see how they take care of their talents, I see them shine, this decision wasn't easy but it's a good one. I had to wake up early, write dedication on all of my products, I get to be part of every customers celebration. I also give messages to people, to give them smiles, to make them happy, it's priceless. I even have to give messages to the sick, encourage them to take the next day. Everything is possible in prayer, it's not just money, but the friendships you keep, even if you end up in other networks, everyone will be your friend if you stay nice. Everyone will be excited to work with you if you do that."

And now, you'll see Ms. Pokie on GMA shows like the "Tekla and Boobay Show", Sarap Diva, Wish Ko Lang on their anniversary special. She will also be in Magpakailanman, All Out Sundays, and regularly on Pepito Manaloto. You'll also be seeing her in other shows soon, so make sure you follow her journey as a new Kapuso.


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