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Tuesday, June 08, 2021

These troubled times have made me realize how important it is to teach non techie family members how to communicate, navigate themselves and discern information on the internet. Aside from that, they also need to go to reputable sites if in case they decide to buy essentials and I've been doing this extensively in my household because #1 I'm the only one going out most of the time and #2 It would be easier to have it delivered to my home rather than driving to and from my house (and the hassle of going through all that traffic in Manila).

One of the nicest places to go to is MyPharma.ph wherein over the counter and essential medicines can be purchased all from the comforts of your home. No more long lines, no more unwanted travels, all your medicines can be delivered straight to your door. The company backed by Dygen Pharma which already has an established distribution arm in the country. Best of all, they also have Facebook and Instagram channels so you can simply turn to them in case you get into any difficulties ordering from the site. You may register via https://mypharma.ph/register and create an account, with  your information safe, it would be seamless to get your orders sourced, picked up and delivered to your home which means there's less human intervention, safer overall.

MyPharma also prides itself on delivering orders safely and on time. They also make sure the items are securely packed, with delivery details indicated on the site so you know when your orders will arrive. That's so convenient and really ideal for those who are prefer to be at the safety of their homes like us.

This would be so good for those with comorbidity and need maintenance medicine so you would have less exposure (like me).


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