UNFILTERED Skin Essentials Launches "Unfilteredpreneur"

Saturday, June 19, 2021

What kind of skin troubles did you have when you were going through puberty, what is your daily skin regimen? That's a question I often get whenever there's a gathering, but I always tell people that I only use mild soap and water, then just moisturize. We have different skin conditions and each of them need different things to make sure you don't experience breakouts, make it young looking, bright and fresh. Well, Unfiltered Skin Essentials made it really simple and with the new Unfiltered Kit, you can solve mostly all skin problems and maintain that smooth, brighter glow.

CEO and Founder of Unfiltered Skin Essentials Ms. Rina Navarro says "When I was in high school I have collected lots of skincare products and some work, some don't. When people ask me for recommendations, I couldn't say anything. When I got to travel, I got products from the US but it was a bit pricey. There's a way to actually make it possible for me to use the same kind of products, but make it affordable. During the pandemic, I just mustered enough strength to put this out in the market. Unfiltered is a character, not just a brand, it represents me and other women that want to love themself. We want to simplify everything in skincare. This company is built by strong women, independent. This is unique because when we were developing products, we had to research the active ingredients that work from other products and put it in the set. It's formulation went through tons of tests, we didn't shortchange ingredients because customers deserve the best."

She adds "Our day cream and serum has Niacinamide, it supports the skin barrier. It took time for us to simplify formulas. The best active ingredients are now in one kit, it's all you need to achieve bright glowing skin."

They also announced Ms. Jaya today as the brand's ambassador. She believes in the products and even went and made a business out of it. Since Ms. Jaya couldn't perform that much during the quarantine, this was something she did in the comforts of her own home. It was effective, and she was her own proof that it works. She also wanted to share her Unfilteredpreneur journey so that others can do it too.

Ms. Jaya says "December of 2020 and I suddenly saw my friend posted Unfiltered. I was asked to have lunch, it was nice and I checked out their products that afternoon. I used the soap and it was so nice on my skin. I put the stuff during night time, when I woke up I got soft skin. I noticed a major difference when I used the day cream. I was slowly peeling, it wasn't abrupt, very light on the skin. I'm already 51 but it didn't make my skin sensitive, it was pretty good for all skin types. Men, women, everyone can use it. I'm the one cooking, doing the laundry, it was fast and easy, safe to use for everyone. I want you to try it out for 7 days, give it a try, on your face, your whole body and you will see the difference."

She adds "I did age, I'm 51, and using the No Filter Kit did wonders for my skin. I used the soap, the toner, the day cream after lunch and I saw the texture change overnight. I did it for one week religiously. I felt in the beginning I had to use it all so I followed it to a T. The only light I used in taking photos was daylight so I used the soap for my face and body initially to even out my skin tone. It felt good, I really saw the results after 7 days. The night cream is what I enjoyed the most, I didn't even see or feel peeling because it's micro peeling, you wouldn't feel it's happening."

Now that they have these products, they are introducing Unfilteredpreneur. Miss Rina says "This is to empower women, instead of just the company earning from it, we'll make the women who believe in our brand to earn from it. This is why we put up the Unfilteredpreneur program."

Ms. Jaya says "This is one way of expanding my business, this is something new but Unfiltered help me to empower women so they too can earn and work at home. I can have a business online and start it with 5,000 pesos. No membership fees. With that amount, you can already start your business. I'm very unfiltered, in a sense, I have always been like that. I realized that this matches my personality, the people that work behind the scenes was like me. I shared my journey doing this because I also want other people to see they could do the same."

She shares "When I was young, I was called fat, and names, all things about my skin. Globalism conquered most of that, but those who are still struggling, be yourself, be proud of what you have, it's what God has given you. I'd try this product, it evened out my skin tone and made it even more beautiful!"

Heads up for those who are interested to join their journey. First 50 Unfilteredpreneur signups will get a FREE Unfiltered Kit (worth 2500) so you can try it out. There's a link to sign up (on their social pages) so fill out the form. You can also nominate someone and they will choose that Unfiltered individual and give them an Unfiltered Kit too. This is FDA approved, and that says a lot with any skin product.

You can message them at @Unfiltered_Main on IG if you want to know more about it.


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