Party Like a NOCSTAR!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oh boy have I been partying hard. I went home a couple of hours ago and I haven't got that much sleep yet. To tell you the truth, I went to around 8 different events this weekend so you kind of get the idea on how busy I got just by looking at the number. But no matter how hard it is I did my best to go to all of them. I need to support my friends and peers of course!

Two of these events I went to last night were notable.... the UE Red Tribe had a small gathering/party; and I'm glad we did get to meet each other. I think I did really miss the guys. Best of all, I got to pay for my shirt since the UAAP season is coming. I will be there on the second day though. Why? Because this year we are not going to have a game on opening day. We will also be battling it out with UST so you kinda know how that will go. Of course we will win because their lineup is not that impressive. I hope idol Paul Lee and James Martinez just do their job well. I'm sure they will.

My peers from Nocturnals had an event last night. Yes I had a blast, and so were hundreds upon hundreds of people who flocked to EIVISSA. It was my first time in that bar. Their crowd? It was a mix. Mostly from C and D but it does the job because the place is nice although there are some issues when it gets crowded... the airconditioning sucks!

But all in all what matters most in that night is the success of my photography org and the corporation we put up. I applaud them all. I am sorry though I wasn't able to help or get a bigger role on this event unlike the others who pulled life and limb to get it that rowdy! It was a blast and I'm so glad it became a successful event!


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