Sex and the City 2

Saturday, June 05, 2010

It was awesome! I finally had the great movie I was looking for this year. I had a ton of laugh while watching it. If you do not watch this you'll miss a lot.

You know part 1 had Carrie played by you know who and Big played by that big guy who almost didn't make the film got married right? Well they got into an arrangement of having their kind of relationship. Carrie did put it into her novel too and that kinda got the irk of her readers and lots of reviews. Lots of problems on their setup and unclear conversations between them was getting Carrie stressed.

Samantha Jones was there and had a change of lifestyle thanks to a book she read. She was all creams, estrogen shots and supplements. She went to a premier together with her previous boyfriend turned actor and met a sheik from abu dhabi. She was asked to promote for the city too so she was invited to that place after a while with the condition that she brings her friends with her there. Disaster struck when she couldn't bring her creams and supplements with her. That's why there goes menopause! ha-ha! It was the start of her swearing and hummus eating afterwards but it didn't really have an effect. Anyway, they were all treated to life's best things from 4 solo going vehicles to having their own butlers and a grand hotel room that spelled 22 thousand dollars a night for it. It had its own bar, kitchen and it would be an understatement to call it a palace.

I was also really ecstatic the time that I saw they did not tone down on fashion. It was all eye candy as they sported the belly dancing like attires for the Abu Dhabi scenes. I like the 80's inspired flashbacks also in the beginning, that was really a fun way to start everything! hahahah!

Conflicts: Carrie saw Aidan in Abu Dhabi, they had dinner and kissed. She told Big.... and the sad things continued. Hurt Big BIGTIME! but they patched things up when she got back to New York.

Charlotte was living in hell because of the kids.

Miranda was there to help everyone. Showed Charlotte she went through that also. She was translating for everyone haha!

Samantha had sex on the beach and almost got locked up in Abu Dhabi prisons hahaha. She threw condoms on the streets at the irk of men in robes and muslim clerics.

It was a really good movie, I would really recommend this to anyone who loved the series in HBO and the first movie. This is a very good sequel! Awesome!

I'm giving this 5 KUMAGS out of 5! The perfect movie for this summer's end!


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