People Change

Monday, June 28, 2010

I guess I'm thinking a lot these days. On where I am going with my life and everything else that's in it. My friends from way back... I saw a lot of them this week and I really established one thing; people change.

I am susceptible to change... maybe everyone is. I don't know because I'm not them. I hate being general. I don't even know if this is the EMO thingy I felt a couple of months ago. It's so passe that its too late to even feel that now. Are there EMO's still in existence? Haven't seen suicide attempts in the news lately so I don't know.

Hey guys bare with me a bit ok? I'm a little bit off today so all the blogging rules I implemented then are going haywire. I hope this is a burnout. If that happens to me 6 years worth of non vacation might erupt. That wouldn't be a pretty sight.

I also saw something 2 nights ago that I shouldn't. It could be detrimental to me and the other person. So I'll probably choose to keep mum about it. I wouldn't want to spread rumors. It's the truth but I wouldn't want to start anything like that. A lot of people might see things differently. That person might hack me with a bolo or something similar. It's not valentines yet so I wouldn't want to see red that way LOL.

Change is everywhere, if I didn't see that coming my IQ wouldn't have been 145. MENSA wouldn't have been a part of my future plans. I never thought it is going to be this difficult at this time of the year and it's just June. I'm looking forward to 6 more crazed months after this one.

This is such a lame post I had to let you read it. Ha-ha!


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