President Benigno Simeon Aquino III

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I went home early because I was tired from gym yesterday and I wanted to watch everything that is in the news. It's the inauguration of President Noynoy Aquino. Yes ladies and gentlemen I voted for him. I'm seeing a lot of people, from the President to Jaworski it's all fun!

From Quirino Grand Stand, Times Street, Manila Hotel to Malacanang it was all jumpacked. I saw Charice Pempengco, Lucy Torres, KC Concepcion who are all so pretty. Mikee Cojuangco too was in a terno that is very apt for the occasion. I envy the nice fountain in Malcanang, I wish I had one at home too LOL. Secretary Mendoza and VP Decastro is still inside Malcanang Palace. Jose Ramos Horta is in the Quirino Grandstand together with the other dignitaries. Sharon Cuneta and her husband are in the second row. Gloria is wearing white, very angelic despite rumors she was a former devil in a past life. Gloria is also bidding farewell to press and people inside the palace... this is like her last 5 hours as president. They will probably meet in the Bonifacio Hall the premier guest house in the palace where Noynoy will also take office.

There are boy scouts all around because Binay was a cheif scout. Teves is in the palace, probably because he is part of Glorias cabinet. Wow it is hot in the grandstand and people from Arab countries are there. Vilma Santos and Ralph Recto are there too. The hosts are Jim Paredes and that big lady from the short documentaries. Tito Sotto is on the grandstand too.

Gloria and Noli are talking right now. The whole field in the grandstand is turning yellow as the hours come. Mayor Lim looks funny with all those white hair and modern shades. Charice looks good in pink but her Mom should have worn something formal. I saw the chairs and they look cheap. Ramos is there, I wonder what happened to the short argument via reporters. Magsaysay is also there, and my Mayor Sonny Belmonte. Balsy Aquino looks pretty in yellow. Pinky Aquino is also pretty... I think they are going to wear same dresses. Kris Aquino looks like big bird. I hate the super yellow on her. The other sisters had lighter ones. Ninoy Aquino left the house on a camisa de chino and wore his barong in the palace grounds maybe to prevent lukot or sumthing. Gloria went down the stairs and shook the hand of Noynoy. He did reach for her that time. I think they are now going to plate number 1 to go to Quirino Grandstand. They walked side by side. I wonder what they are going to talk about there. Gloria is smiling though LOL.

I hope someone doesn't get hit with the 21 gun salute. President Benigno Simeon Aquino III must be just not talking inside and it would be so awkward heheh. There are merrymaking on the front of the grandstand. Shalani is wearing yellow too but it looks pretty on her. The helicopter feed on the coverage is horrible. Baby James in in yellow barong and yellow shades, so cute! Cesar Montano and Shine are there too and I must say well dressed.

It looks like we are early. Some people are not seated yet and the presidents are already there. Paul Cabral did a good job but not the one on Kris. Noynoy cleans his lens. Binay rides on his electric jeep. They all stand up for the 21 gun salute.

They are one hour early. Stupid Binay has his jeep on front while Gloria takes her last walk in front of the army. Gloria went off to Pampanga to swear in as Congresswoman. Noynoy went up the stage and prayers were done. Program started. Funny Estrada is on stage hahaha. Charice did the National Anthem right, as a matter of fact it was great!

Ecumenical prayers were given by the Bishop of Zamboanga, I talked to him in Ateneo a couple of months ago. He is one funny guy. Imam and Priest prayed. Looks like everyone is paying attention. Binay and Ninoy are talking, that is great. A start maybe. Madrigal Singers did ANG BAYAN KO. It was very good. Gregoio Honasan was there too, isn't he suppose to be in jail?

Baby James was funny coz he waved to the camera. Joshua was coughing. Songs from Ryan Cayabyab and APO Hiking Society was done... it was very lame but nationalistic. Christian Bautista sang You raised me Up... I wonder why haha. Ahh they are delaying the inauguration because it has to be 12noon for him to be sworn in. Gary, Regine, Nina, and Jed Madela. Noel Cabangon also is there.

Enrile is reading the proclamation for both Binay and Noynoy. They are still stretching so the inauguration starts on time. I guess after Noel sings its already time for the swearing in. OMG who is that ugly naked guy in stage. Ahhh they are igorots pala hahaha.

Stretching with Noel Cabangon is the Philharmonic Orchestra and Ryan Cayabyab. I wonder what the hell they are doing there.

Oh and there goes the inauguration, lasted about 3 minutes. Confetti falls on the field. Noynoy starts his tagalog speech. It was nice overall.

He went to back to Malacanang for some more ceremonies. Then work starts at lunch. I'm proud I voted for him and wish him luck with all the detractors. Let's start working our butt off as citizens of this country, he needs all our help!

=) I'm proud to be a Filipino! =)


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pusangkalye said...

I am not a fan...but since he is the leceted president of the land, he is also my president now...and no matter how I opessimistic I am in his competence, I guess it's my responsibility to support him. it is every citizens responsibility to be one with Noynoy from this day on.