Another Hater Bites the Dust

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I've done good food reviews and apparently it did reach the particular establishment that I intended it for. You know what I got this morning?! A hate comment from their people. Most probably, the owners got to read the review and instructed the people there to do better. Hey dimwit, if you are reading this, I filter my comments section so you won't see your piece here okay?! This is my site, my turf and if you want to do more this is not the place for you unfortunately... =P

Nyahahah! I am so evil sometimes...

Dude, here's my advise... Treat your customers well, your food already is outstanding since most of us order your specials. If you take criticism that way you will never improve. Think clearly and ask yourself why I said my piece about your restaurant. I'm sure its the same thing with other people there. You will never have repeat customers if you don't take the time to listen.

I never concentrated on the bad things about your store, what if I did and never mentioned the good things about it? Will you feel more agitated? Try to feel if you were in the shoes of your customers and served mediocre food and pay hundreds of pesos for it. I know you wouldn't be as happy as I was huh?!

Think about it!

Well actually I feel its a little useless... its useless to talk to people who have no idea what we do in food reviews. It's also hard for people who never even graduated high school or probably just high school graduates to understand what I meant in this post. Nyahahahah!


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Sendo said...

bad bad bad...ayaw ko na kumain diyan!