Views on the Outsourcing Industry

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I have been in the outsourcing and business process industry for around 6 years. I guess I am much of an expert since I climbed up the ranks. I know I have a lot more to offer. I also have the thing on looking for what is best in the world of computing corporations and I must say there are several companies who achieve more than the usual. Without a doubt; there must be some standards set for every business to succeed in this industry. In the quality of workers it is a concern for these corporations to have literature fulfillment at every way since they are catering for a worldwide audience. Going international is essential in this day and age because everything is connected. The world literally shrunk in the last few decades because of information technology. These companies are harnessing things that could get them have resources cheaper without compromising quality. I know institutions that successfully merged these and are reaping the benefits.

The Philippines and India have gained a lot since inbound and outbound call centers have flourished in major cities too. The dollars people are saving elsewhere become work for them and I think that is essential to making the world a little more challenging for emerging markets. It takes a balancing act to do all these. I'm sure you know what direct marketing companies to choose next time to make your business flourish in the next few years. Make sure you take a closer look at their records and know you can make the best choice!

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pusangkalye said...

KUMAGCOW--cge cge. gagawa kami ng event nalang para ma-invite lahat ng bloggers sa FB list ko. sensya na talaga.

pusangkalye said...

maraming naninibak sa mga call center agents---but we have to give it to them, this country has another source of economic optimism because of the BPO industry...if these critics only know how our agents reason why the industry is very competitive...and the reason why we are to to India in the dominance of this sector. more power guys