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Sunday, January 29, 2023

People should take a second look at their closets and see if they need a revamp of their outfits. This 2023, a simple change in vibe is a must. May it be a pair of pants, a tee, a dress for that next event in the office, you need to have something to wear on those special dates.

You deserve to take care of yourself. It's time you take charge and showcase your new style and new clothes!

LBD's and More

There's always a go to dress for ladies when there's a sudden occasion. A little black dress might come in handy but of course, there's a ton of other things one could wear these days that doesn't necessarily scream basic. That's where the GUESS dress comes in. The new collection has some form fitting ones, some with feminine floral prints, sultry earth tones, chic cuts, something that would go with the fall winter season.

Comfy Activewear

After having fun during the weekends, hit the gym with something great. You need something that's light, breathable, can handle a little sweat while you do activities. GUESS Activewear would fit you nicely. It's being healthy and fit without compromising looks. Something that you can wear casually and switch into high gear when you need it. They've got something for men and women, and it wouldn't hurt if you dress up as a couple, I mean hey, it's almost hearts day!

To a Tee

The afternoons are getting pretty hot these days and you might want to have new GUESS Tees in the mix. Something that could keep you fresh, not so dressed up, but still heck of a lot stylish. It's also easily available at the GUESS website which makes it a lot accessible, easy to source especially if you've got a very busy schedule. Theirs is a bit special as it doesn't tear off easy. It's none of those crusty ones for cheap that doesn't last long.

Not Just Jeans

You've probably got jeans, but they might already be worn out. Updating this might be a smart move especially since GUESS Jeans would look good on you. It's tougher than usual, aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and very comfy even if you've worn them extensively. There's always a GUESS Maong that's would fit you. You can wear it in casual occasions, especially when you're outdoors. Pair it up with a shirt, long sleeves, plaid, it's not just jeans and help to make you look classy.

If you're up to it, GUESS has free alteration services from January to December 31st. You'll be given a GUESS voucher for the service every 4K worth single purchase qualifies you for it. Just look for GUESS where available. 

I bet, at the end of the day, you'll surely thank yourself for it!


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