During Times of Uncertainties: AXA Brings You Home

Monday, January 23, 2023

If there's something that the pandemic has taught us, it's the uncertainty of life. With it still in our midst and in every other country, you've seen the need for financial security especially during these times where people lose their jobs, their loved ones, and scare us with a deadly virus every minute of the day.

People who have insurance surely have had themselves an extra layer of safety from economical stress whether it be life or non life. It was surely there when we needed it, we learned how convenient it was at the most dangerous times. Although uncertainty is still here, Filipinos are starting to look at insurance differently nowadays. We learned to plan ahead, and put importance in investments + insurance.

This should have made sense a long time ago, especially since we're in the ring of fire, in the path of over 26 typhoons a year (and much stronger ones in recent past) and floods have entered cities left and right.

To date, there's only 2.3% of Filipinos spending an average of 26% on insurance. According to the AXA Philippines Chief Marketing Officer Nandy Villar "There's fast growth in insurance services in the country. This can be attributed to the implementation of digital processes during the pandemic. Still, Filipinos seem to be just one crisis away from poverty. It's still an under insured nation."

There's still a lack of financial literacy in the country which is why AXA, aside from being an insurer takes their role as financial advisors seriously. They have trained and qualified people to become partners so you can achieve financial freedom. AXA knows that there are different strokes for different folks, needs change with age and time. Your goals transform into other things including your appetite for investments. Recently, they completed the merger with Charter Ping An which means their portfolio just got bigger, more secured.

To get assessed by the pros, head on to AXA.com.ph today!


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