RIA ATAYDE is Your New WHITE CASTLE Calendar Girl 2023

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

I am personally so happy to see this happen as gorgeous actress Ria Atayde don the much coveted White Castle Calendar this 2023. This was witnessed by select press and executives of Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc. this afternoon.

I'm sure over the years, you've identified White Castle Whisky with the iconic red bikini clad female riding a white horse, but management figured it was a bit arduous for them to train women to ride horses (which they did in the past) and do the actual shoot after that. Last year, they did a campaign differently by letting the public choose, this was when Sassa Gurl entered the competition and won. It was certainly a risk for them, but they understood it was but a proper time to have the LGBTQIA+ sector to be represented, a very current social step that got them in touch with a new younger market and a social media presence they gladly received. A few months before that, they also got Ninong Ry to represent the brand, all of which had awesome reception from the public albeit restrictions because of the pandemic. All of these made them realize to use their platform to also cater to different causes and advocacies.

Ms Olivia Limpe-Aw says "My father created White Castle Whisky and the several advertisements with the horse and castle in it. As we celebrate 60 years, the White Castle Calendar has featured several women, LGBT, and has brought social issues in the forefront. This year, we have the diversity in beauty campaign continued as we believe it is inclusive and promote body positivity + build our confidence. We welcome 2023 by celebrating that and beauty, let's cheer for White castle Whisky!" 

She adds "As you noticed we have Ninong Ry and last year with Sassa Gurl, we believe that if you are confident, you are beautiful. Let's not be obsessed by size, color, it's what's inside that matters and we're happy to have Ria represent the brand!"

Ria Atayde certainly had a very successful 2022. Aside from working in several series and shows, she had her hand in production together with her folks and siblings. Needless to say, her successful stint in MIPCOM Cannes has brought honor to the country and peers in Cannes, France via their production company Nathan Studios and ABS-CBN.  They also have finished filming several projects which will have international distribution and also be seen on platforms, much will be released this year so there's certainly a lot to look forward to. During the press conference, she also talked about her real struggles with body dysmorphia. 

She says "I never thought it was going to be possible as usually, calendar girls have a certain mold in the country. White Castle proved us all that big girls can get to do this. The campaign revolves around body positivity, flaws and all. I never thought I'd be one, this made me realize "kaya pala" (it's possible!). I'd be lying if I'm unaffected with all of that but I'd rather workout because I love it, now it's just a positive thing, not dreading it makes all the difference. You just have to turn off the noise, you only listen to those who matter. People have a lot of things to say, but I don't stop telling them about my advocacy."

Talented, strong, powerful, and deserving... Ria Atayde is now your new White Castle Whisky Calendar Girl for 2023. 

Congratulations Ria! <3


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