The Need for Extra Protection Against COVID

Monday, January 30, 2023

We've been all cooped up in our homes for the last 3 years but the threat of COVID-19 still exists We are blessed to have frontliners help us during the toughest times, up until now.

Medical Director Dr. Enrico Evangelista says "While we've had so much progress in the last few months, cases are still on a rise. Hopefully this won't overwhelm our health facilities and bar super spreader events. Let's not be lax, one of the things we can do is adding Covidone TS povidine iodine throat sprays so you can protect your oral cavity." 

It's an antiseptic and can kill germs. It is also safe to be taken by kids 6 and above. It's also accessible since it is an OTC product.

If you're interested, get Covidone TS in Lazada or Shopee, leading health stores nationwide. Help our frontliners ease their jobs especially when we've got so much health concerns in the country.


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