Friday, October 12, 2007

I am a WARRIOR! I fight not for glory or fame, For they are momentary. I fight for those who can't. I fight for Justice. I fight for the oppressed and the down trodden. And if I should lose my life for these just causes, then I have no regrets, For I serve to protect the innocent. It matters not where or when, For evil knows no boundaries. Be it fire, flood, or the threat of tyranny, I will not flee. Justice is my weapon. Faith is my shield. Hope is my armor. Cry not at my passing, For it was my Honor to fight for you. Shed not tears of sorrow, But tears of joy, For now, I stand with God.

I was born of a Father and Mother who hails from the bloodline that speaks this truth (since he was a part of WARRIORS Men's Basketball and Volleyball...my Mom on the other hand was a graduate and also did teach YDT when Highschool was still around) the warrior within me is not of a big joke.

Now back to reality, the University of the East Red Warriors again made history! They have conquered and now have completed the expected CLEAN SWEEP of the UAAP eliminations! I have never been so proud! I watched the game and boy it was indeed a sweet victory! I'm glad I also am a product of UE...geeze! Im gonna tell you stories about it the whole month so just wait for it...I was there and I was a witness to the brawl that occured in the first quarter. Im gonna put that guy into his grave! Whatta sore loser! Whatta cheap shot! We won over La Salle 92-84...IN YOUR FACE!!!
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