Beko Prides Itself on EverFresh+ Technology

Friday, July 24, 2020

I've been the designated tribute during the pandemic and it's a wake up call for people like me who don't frequently go to wet markets much. It's kinda like a grocery, but it's not, but they've got the freshest food items available everyday if you know where to look and how to pick them from the market. 

I am quite okay with the meat, fish and chicken, but I have a handicap in looking at vegetables especially in times I couldn't tell what it is just from the looks of it. I didn't want to ask the seller because of pride LOL. Anyway, I got a really huge fridge but it's not the most efficient in keeping vegetables, I was looking at new Euro brand Beko (which just arrived in the country) and modesty aside, they can keep the veggies fresh three times as much, a feat that I've never seen before but it must be because of the new technology they apply in their fridges now.

They call it EverFresh+ which keeps your fruits and vegetables that much longer. This is done by their crisper drawer design that maintains ideal airflow and less frost together with their NeoFrostTM dual cooling technology. It also has IonGuard and Active Fresh Blue Light tech which lessens bacteria and promote continuous photosynthesis. Imagine the savings you can get as you get these easy spoiling food items for a longer time just because you had a Beko. They also use Beko ProSmartTM Inverter Compressors to make sure you spend less energy and make it a quiet home. Go check out the BekoPH Facebook page for more information, it's all there!


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