Get To Know GAMEBOYS' Kokoy De Santos

Sunday, July 05, 2020

(Photo credits: Courtesy of Kokoy De Santos' IG post)

If you haven't seen their show, you must be living under a rock. They've been really popular all over social media, and getting hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube earmarks the success of the series called GAMEBOYS. It's a home grown Pinoy BL series (Boys Love) which was done while everyone was under ECQ. It kept everyone glued to their phones, PC's and laptops, so I was really interested about how they personally felt about playing their characters. 

GAMEBOYS lead stars Elijah Canlas and Kokoy De Santos really piqued the interest of viewers as each episode unfold at 8pm every Friday at the IdeaFirst Company's official YouTube channel and they've confirmed that it will end on Episode 10. I sent Kokoy De Santos some questions so you could get to know them more. It was very interesting to see how he answered them.

How did you get involved with GAMEBOYS?

Nagsimula po ang lahat nung tinawagan ako ng The Idea First Company, inoffer nila sakin yung project, kwinento nila sakin yung role, and i just fell in love with it!
(It started with a call from The IdeaFirst Company who offered me this project, they told me about the role and I just fell in love with it!)

Can you tell us a little bit about your filming process?

Nakakapanibago, nag-shoot kami sa kanya-kanyang tahanan. Challenging, nakakapagod pero sobrang rewarding. Just enjoying the process!
(It was all new to me because we had to shoot scenes at home. It was challenging, tiring at times, but super rewarding. I am just enjoying the process!)

How did you guys make this all possible?

Sa tulong po ng aming Direktor at ang buong Production, syempre kasama din ang aming mga pamilya.
(With the help of our Director, the whole production, and our family)

This show is breaking ground on so many issues, what made you say yes to it?

Mas nandoon lang po ako sa positive side, always! Sobrang happy ako kasi madami po ang nakaka-appreciate ng aming series.
(I am just on the positive side of things, always! I am so happy that there are a lot of people who appreciate our series)

Do you enjoy doing Gavreel’s character? Who is he to you?

Sobra.. kasi marami kaming pagkakapareho po ni Gavreel. As in!
(A lot. Because Gavreel and I have so much in common)

Do you think Gav is sexy?

Funny is the new sexy?I guess? Hahaha!

Do you think Cai is sexy?

Of course! Yun lang! Naman po.
(Of course! That's it!)

In what way? (Rate for 1-10, indicate the sexiest part of your body)

Lips? 5 po? Sakto lang.
(My lips, it's a 5. Just enough)

How much of him are you in real life?

Hmmm. Sobra po. Marami talaga kaming pagkakapareho.
(Hmmm. We really have a lot in common.)

Did you know Elijah prior to doing this project?

Yes nagkasama nadin kami sa isang proyekto. At magkaibigan talaga kami.
(Yes we had a previous project. We are friends in real life)

What was your firstimpression of him?

Tahimik. Pero magaling na aktor kasi talaga tong si Elijah eh.
(Very meek. But Elijah is really a good actor.)

Do you think he’s doing a good job playing Cairo?

Naman! Hindi po mag-wowork lahat ng to, kung hindi din dahil sa kaniya.
(Of course! This wouldn't have worked if it weren't for him.)

If you were Gav, what would be the characteristics of your ideal guy?

Cute, matalino at maginoo pero medyo bastos.
(Cute, intelligent, gentlemanly but a little naughty.)

What’s your impression of Pearl’s character?

Cute!!!! Super cute talaga niya. Sobrang bagay si Adrianna sa role!

(Cute!!!! She is super cute! Adrianna was really fit for the role!)

Adrianna So has been lauded for her performance in this show, how important is she to Gav?

Hindi lang siya kay Gav importante, sa lahat ng characters. Kasi siya ang nagiging tulay namin ni Baby Cairo.

(She was not just important for Have, but for all the characters. It's because she was the bridge between me and my Baby Cairo.)

If you had one wish for Gav’s character, what would it be and why?

Wala nakong hihilingin pa, tingin ko. Tamang tama na yung timpla.

(I couldn't ask for anything more. I think he's just right.)

Fans are eager to see you end up together, cliche as it sounds, I want to ask you, has this show changed your perspective about love? What’s your message to
the fans ofthe show?

"Tingin ko hindi nagbago yung pananaw ko sa love, mas lalo lang akong naniwala na ang LOVE ay malaking part satin bilang mga tao, para maging proud, masaya, malaya at mabuhay."

"Gusto ko lang po magsalamat sa walang sawang suporta ninyo sa amin. Mahal ko kayong lahat!"

(I think my point of view about love didn't change, it made me believe even more and how big it is for us as humans. To be proud, to be happy, to live freely!)

(I would just like to thank you all for your support. I love you all!)

It was so nice and refreshing to hear him answer as Gav, no wonder a lot of people love Kokoy's character in the series. There are still a few more episodes left, I know you are excited for Part 7 this Friday, make sure you're there at 8pm. For fans of Adrianna So, I'll try to make arrangements to interview her perhaps on a later date!

Aside from this interview, we also talked to Elijah Canlas. Make sure you read that too in our next post! Stay tuned! 

PS. Thank you so much to MediaXChange and The IdeaFirst Company for helping us connect with Kokoy and Elijah! You guys rock!


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