Sofia Copolla Masterpiece PRISCILLA To Be Shown in PH Theaters on the 31st!

Friday, January 19, 2024

Just got out of the cinemas this evening after watching Priscilla, the movie starring Jacob Elordi and Cailee Spaeny. This centered on the life and love of Priscilla and the iconic entertainer/actor Elvis Presley. Set in West Germany, she gets invited to be in their home for a party, which started it all.

She was very young, but it was an Elvis appearance (heck he always get the girls from the start), they got close and she daydreamed about him all the time. 

This setup would have been shunned in 2024 (hello cancel culture and grooming), and I bet it would have been worse if people knew about it during those days too. They talked much about what life was like in the US. He dreamed and missed Graceland, talked lengthily what it was like to go back there. He's grown a bit homesick after being stationed for years in Germany. Priscilla then became smitten.

So was he.

After a few months, Elvis went back to the US and she thought that was the end of the relationship. A call came one day, and arrangements were made to have her flown to home soil... and she stayed with him for quite some time to finish her studies.

Life looked perfect, but one could see how their lifestyle was certainly different. While they were together, life was laid with substance abuse and Vegas fun. It felt like no one could stop them.

Then came reality. The popularity, the stardom, the differences, the time away, the women, the continued abuse, being controlling, which started questions about living in it. Is love really enough? Is she really living the dream or is she living a lie?!

Yes, her life would have been a dream for a lot of women. On the surface, it certainly looked like it was good. In reality, there were a lot of things that didn't feel quite normal. If you were in her shoes, you would ask if it was still worth being together. Her journey, their relationship, her desires, this will all be told in-depth in the movie.

This is a soft burn, written and directed by the award winning Sofia Copolla. This will be shown in theaters come January 31st nationwide and is released in the Philippines by CreaZion Studios Inc. (same people who got The Childe which stars Kim Seon-Ho and When Evil Lurks in 2023) represented by their EVP Real Florido. You may follow their social channels by searching CreaZion Studios or visit their official website for more about this.

For fans of the rock and roll icon Elvis, Priscilla and Liza Marie, you would definitely want to see this with fresh eyes as this will be in the point of view of the wife. The 60's and 70's was certainly different, totally americana... and I experienced that in Priscilla. Make sure you watch it!


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