Have You Seen Changes in GRAB Lately?

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Every Filipino riding Grab must be feeling a little lucky lately. With the company offering true wallet friendly features, smart ones get the GrabCar Saver, GrabFood Saver Delivery, and for the hungry ones, GrabFood Saver Meals. They also have subscription plans such as GrabUnlimited and Grab Ride Saver which I often use going to events and places here in the metro.  

GrabCar Saver

GrabCar Saver has been implemented recently. In it, you get 15 percent cheaper rates in booking a standard Grab Car. For now, it is being done Metro Manila and in Pampanga (Central Luzon). Pretty soon, it'll be done in all Grab areas, though you'll have to note, you will have to wait a little while longer. You can also use GrabShare and use it to be with another passenger. This is useful for those who are not really in a hurry and you'll get even cheaper rates with it. You can get 30 percent savings from it, which is quite nice for those who are watching their transportation spending these days.

GrabFood Saver

It's been offered for quite some time now in the Grab Superapp. If you're fond of ordering from restuarants and establishments, this gives you the option of enjoying your food and have it delivered with the Saver option. Fees will certainly be less than usual, I do this when I have lots of time in between meals and I even do it when I have guests coming a little late than usual. I just order ahead of time so it could reach my location perfectly. These are great prices especially if you love gatherings. Imagine only 15 pesos? That's a steal.

With the rates already low, get the GrabUnlimited for major discounts on GrabFood, GrabMart and GrabCar. You can opt to get the annual plan instead since it'll cost you even lower. I have the Grab Ride Saver though as it slashes 10 percent for 60 rides, I use it all and pay only 99 pesos for it. Quite nice if you ride Grab Cars regularly. Grab certainly is changing the way we ride each day, for that, I'm quite thankful for the perks I get when I avail them. They're really good at it.


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