What is Sandara Park's Secret to Looking This Good?

Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Shots from Sandara Park's IG account @daraxxi

Ever wondered how KPOP Icon Sandara Park always looks fresh and radiant? It's a mystery, but for Sandara it's actually quite simple to look this good and feel great, all at 39 years old!

Sandy is known all over Korea as someone who enjoys small portions. She takes time to enjoy every bite, and this makes it possible to enjoy even more dishes without getting full or gain weight. Contrary to purists, she actually enjoys beer but opts for those that are low calorie instead. Those smart choices actually pay off.

Dara also works out. If you remember, she really enjoys the dance routines they had in 2NE1 because it was fast and great for partying. YG also had them in different cardio workouts and boxing too. She still dances quite a lot on her spare time and even now that she's actively promoting her single FESTIVAL. Even if she doesn't eat breakfast, she does her morning workouts with a personal trainer and stays energetic. She even does a whopping 400 crunches before she sleeps, which is amazing!

Sandara also knows how important it is to pamper her skin. She does a lot to keep it hydrated and moisturized all the time. It's one of the reasons she doesn't look a day old over her "In or Out" days and still stays happy. 

We sit and wonder how she never gets wrinkles and fine lines at this day and age!


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