JIGGY MANICAD Joins Illustrious Line of TV5 Anchors in FRONTLINE PILIPINAS

Saturday, January 06, 2024


It looks like evening news is going to be a LOT interesting as one distinguished broadcast journalist joins the illustrious line of TV5 anchors in FRONTLINE PILIPINAS. He's Jiggy Manicad, and he's back to bring new flavor to prime time news this side of the world. He joins Cheryl Cosim and Julius Babao and a throng of distinguished journalists to bring you fresh news and what happened in the country the whole day.  

Mr. Manicad went through a whole hiatus to care for his family, his kids, deciding to watch them grow. He also tried to run for Senator in 2019 where he wanted to bring agricultural and natural disaster reforms. It was just not in his favor, and admits he learned a lot from. Going back to the industry he's passionate about was a calling, he intently prayed to decide on it when management got in touch.

He says "I have been in broadcast and journalism for 20 years, but I feel politics is not for me, I will concentrate on more honest and transparent work. I wouldn't want that for my soul, but I have no regrets, I learned a lot from that."

He adds "I was doing my job good, and I enjoyed it. When I was still active I always got ahead of the pack because it was a habit. Now the landscape is different and I can make stories ahead of time, I check world news and know my angles right away. On my part, I have never thought of the resignation as doing nothing, I was still myself but have the Lord tell me what I don't have, I am entering a new home with him involved, and I'm happy to do that. Usually when you get old that's when you turn to him, but I want to communicate with him even when I was young. He will give you everything when you are in the right path. I went through hard times and knew him when I was doing nothing and learned to share it even more. During the pandemic we had so many things but it was still him that we called for. It was a blessing and now that I'm in TV5, I hope to be able to do the stories that I want to do, the non traditional ones, even if it is at the end of the show, it will have impact and still be interesting. I hope we could do that in the show as I become part of FRONTLINE. Journalism is different, because as it is, we source credible information and the truth from it and deliver that when it is available."

Here's our video coverage and interview during an intimate presser yesterday, the conversation was certainly interesting because we could ask anything we wanted including the change of networks.

This Monday will be his first day in FRONTLINE PILIPINAS and he's starting with stories related to the celebration of the Feast of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, Manila. He's a little nervous, but he's planning to do as little preparation as possible because he's more of a crammer and can do more. Sure, he's got a serious side but he's got lots of personality to bring in the show. He promises to keep it light, concise, understandable and do it in less time for the viewers. He's going to be your buddy in the studio and out in the field every night at 6:30PM. You may check their social channels for more information about his new journey, only on the Kapatid Network, TV5!


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