PISMO Digital Lifestyle at Shangrila Mall East Wing

Saturday, October 26, 2013

We all love our gadgets. No matter how expensive they are or how hard it is to get one, we need that perfect companion to run our daily lives a little better. Often times, we have to go to different stores to get our handsets and the corresponding accessories too. Pismo is located at the new East Wing in Shangrila Mall and they have steadily gained patrons and regular customers because they have it all in one place. 

Aside from that, they focus on giving consumers the real world feel of these gadgets and they encourage you to try it out first before purchasing it. Now you opt to go to official stores; but you'll just end up looking at the merchandise, that's where PISMO has an edge since their thrust is for you to have total customer satisfaction.

Now you don't have to even wonder what it feels like to own these gadgets. This AR Parrot Drone for example, you can customize this for your needs. Using an app to control its directions you can travel with it and do shots that are unimaginable. Test it out first if you must, they'd be glad to show you how it works.

They did build a large store just to make sure everything can be accommodated.They even hold events in this joint specific to training, gadgets and electronic devices; surely this would be something that consumers would absolutely love.

They've got hundreds of phone cases available. They've got old and new ones, I like this Belkin Lego Case the most that I almost bought it that evening. I stopped because my boss might get me one LOL.

This Lego Builder Case costs around 1,6K but it's totally worth it. You can put real lego pieces in the back and make your own custom case + design. You would be the envy of Lego hobbyists for sure! They also have trickling chargers which doesn't need those long spaghetti cables that's kinda annoying. Now you can get organized, make things easier at home with what they have in store.

Bags of different sizes and shapes were all there. I love the Satchel bags, knapsacks, messenger bags and ecobags that were intricately designed and oh so colorful now on their shelves. Now you can get your gadgets safe as some of these bags have ample amount of cushion - it's the perfect partner no?

They also have Belkin products like these car charger/sync cables which actually according to reviews is even better than the original Apply lightning chargers. They also have this AC WIFI Dual Band USB adapter if you want better wireless speeds on your computer (that's if you have an AC router too!). They also have the Belkin Netcam which you can use in your home as a security camera. You can even watch it over the Internet if you are out of town. Isn't that neat?

Seeing this in the corner just had me startled. This is from Philip Starck if I'm not mistaken. A very famous designer from Europe. These wonderfully designed pieces are also iPod docks so you can use it even if you are on the go. So classy no?

If you are looking for something fresh, something new, just give PISMO a visit at the new Shangrila Mall East Wing (Level6) and experience these gadgets before you even buy it. Aside from that they've got a workshop on how to organize your digital lifestyle. It will happen today at 5:30 PM so make sure you drop by before you go off somewhere else to shop capisce?

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