Laureen Uy Launches Break My Style App!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I have seen Laureen Uy in the past, personally in the My Binondo Girl presscon. She's beautiful of course, had that very meek silent type impression of her; but I'm sure she's the opposite somewhere when she's with friends. 

She's a blogger, everybody knows that. But what she's doing now makes her a cut above the rest as she launched her own app named aptly as Break My Style. Now, it becomes even easier to read and know where Laureen is just by opening a single application on your smart phones.

You can also follow her social media channels by touching one or more of the buttons below. She's worked with the developers before and presented this idea casually one day. They agreed to make this for her and Laureen says this has been a dream of hers since the technology was available. She's also glad that her followers would be able to utilize something simple, something that can get them to the right stuff on her site with just a few flicks.

This is really special and it coincides with her blog's third anniversary. Her friends, Singer-Songwriter Champ also plus some of his talents were there too. Actually, they said a lot because the host divulged too much information LOL!


 Laureen Uy's sponsors were also all there to support her. That's a testament on how people love how passionate she is with fashion. Congratulations Laureen! You must be so happy to see this now out on the App Store! It's free by the way so make sure you get it while it's hot!

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