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Friday, October 04, 2013

Sometimes I sit and wonder what else have I not been able to pay attention to. I've been one of the vainest persons I know but when I got invited to an intimate event last week, it reminded me of how it feels how to pamper yourself every once in a while. I also felt I forgot all about my nails and how it feels to be made on this part of John. Heck I felt it was going to be awkward and too girly but no, I think I've never felt so right at home in this quaint nail spa in Makati. I went in and got comfy, that was a nice decision on my part.

This is St. Nails - Nail Spa. It's right at the huge Petron Gas Station outside Dasmarinas Village and is frequented by residents of the same; plus a crowd from nearby offices in Makati. They are open all day everyday and close quite late in the evening. Some of their clients spend time after office hours as they want to feel relaxed after a hard day at work. 

Their people pay close attention to details, so as soon as you enter their nail spa you'd feel welcomed and right at home. Sitting alone in one of those purple chairs might scare you but believe me it was super comfortable. They even put a hot, aromatic neck pillow on my back to add to that. Felt so good that I was tempted to close my eyes; but I just had to document everything so I can tell you about it. I am sacrificing a lot for you guys geeze LOL!

They spruced up the shop as you might have seen. I immediately thought that this would be perfect for intimate family, friends who want a bridal shower (or bachelor parties who knows!) or just that special time you want to relax with a group because they've got packages fit for that. Nothing specific but I suggest you ask about it with them since they can customize the party to fit your budget. That's worthy of a praise because they won't shortchange you when it comes to their services. They even are okay if you want to arrange catering or bringing food from outside because the last thing they want is to bring more hassle and stress to the occasion.

Or better yet, tell the management if you prefer them to prepare desserts and pastries. From yummy cupcakes, hors d'oeuvres, small sandwiches to these dessert jars.. they can probably do that. All you need to do is ask. =)

Going back to the nail spa experience, I would need to experience it myself of course! I immediately went for their treatment that involves paraffin wax in it. It was one of their most popular services and I think I know now why.

So after a wash, a scrub of salts and grainy apricot lotion on my feet... they cleaned my nails via pedicure. What I noticed about their people is that they ask you first before they do anything on your nails. Not that I have anything special needed for my feet but I only go to foot scrubs and don't let other people touch my nails. I get a little afraid on that department, but you know what made me think otherwise? That look on the attendant's face, she was confident and didn't bother at all... she wasn't even nervous.. like she's been doing this for years.

Looks like she's having a hard time? hahaha

I must say, after the things she did on my nails, I was freaking glad I agreed to this. Their technical expertise in cleaning nails is unquestionable. For a guy like me to love it this much, that is big news. As a matter of fact a huge percent of their customers are guys. No wonder the rich and powerful come to this place a lot, geeze we're missing something good! LOL

Now after cleaning up my hands and feet, the proceeded giving me a short hand and foot massage plus a couple of rounds of nice fruity lotions on the side.

They prepared me for the next phase of this treatment package which is the paraffin wax thing I mentioned earlier. I've seen this done to my friends, some foreigners and even on TV but I've never tried it to tell you honestly. It's my first time and I've got lots of expectations. Now for those of you who don't know, this thing has been done as early as the Roman empire. It's also been approved by the US FDA because it's proven to make your skin softer and smoother. Not that I need it but who doesn't want to do it even more right? Hehe.. and so we did the next best thing.

Now just to give you a picture it was really hot but bearable. It stayed like this for quite some time, then warm, then when it was already a little cold they proceeded to do the "taking off" process.

They were pretty careful in taking it out and it was really nice to get out of that heat. It felt cool, plus the smell of some floral herbs probably lingered in the background. Lavender if I'm not mistaken, and it was resonating throughout my hands and feet. Plus, my skin was just so nice after that. So it is true!

I'd like to take this bit and thank Annaliza who did my nails and the whole procedure for the paraffin wax treatment. She really took care of me and she's really an expert at this, I might go back pretty soon just because of the things she's done for me! Thank you also to the management of St. Nails - Nail Spa who made sure this pampering trip was a memorable one! Plus when I saw people beside me, they also got those fantastic nail arts on them. Pretty good!

Now I'm not saying everyone should do this... but guys, women love nice and clean nails if you are holding their hands or doing something naughty. If you're out on a date, or just after work... it would really be the perfect complement... to hear that coming from her. After all, first impressions last! So make sure that the next time you think about doing some pampering for you, your special someone, your friends or family... go ahead and try out St. Nails - Nail Spa in Makati. It's totally worth it!

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St. Nails (nail spa)
They are located at G/F NFB Building (Petron Gas Station/UCC Cafe), EDSA corner Arnaiz Avenue, Barangay Dasmarinas, 1221 Makati

Opens Mon - Sun: 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Call them (02)5860985 or via Cellphone (0917)-86-NAILS (62457)


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