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Thursday, October 24, 2013

I still remember the time I bought myself my first pair of chucks. I didn't go for the plain ones because everybody else had that. I went for the crazy designed ones because I wanted to be unique. Soon after that, I got another one, then another, then more. Today I have about 12 pairs of chucks on my shoe rack. I still have 2 of them that I haven't even worn yet but I did buy them for a good reason. I wanted to be unique, I didn't want to be too formal... I wanted to have something that would remind me of the good old days when rock was but a norm for me. That's really my Converse story.

 Today, Converse has so much more to offer. From faux leather, to different patterns of cloth, rubber, styles and shapes.. they pretty much covered what you need for street wear. A couple of days ago, Converse had this put to the test and got a couple of bands in one spot as they wanted these new voices to GET LOUD WITH CONVERSE!


This band called Brisom from Manila performed "Walking Lives". The band is composed by front man Brian Sombero, Jeffrey Castro, Jason Rondero, Tim Abbott and Terence Teves.  Their sound mostly lie on the indie rock genre and I've seen them so passionate while performing this track. 


Jad Montenegro on the other hand hails from  Mindanao. That is the bands name too. Aside from the vocalist with the same name, she's flanked by Dave Ibao , Eric Luzada , Pjoe Sabanpan and Carlo Garcia. She previously performed solo in Davao but felt the need to expand her musical horizons so they formed a band. These are all her friends so it was easy doing the song entry "The Escapist” for this gig.


The pride of South Luzon is Kissbone (rhymes no?) They are composed of Armin Joseph Pepito, Justine Sioson, Renz Jerome Villanueva, Parker Cataquian and Allan Paulo Luching. They've got more of a punk rock - emo-screamo genre and they've been playing since their times in Sienna College Taytay, Their entry is “Distance and Motion” which will surely be a hit to those who fancy this kind of music.


Tearing the house down is Bethany from Cebu. They are composed of Luis Quibranza III, Angelo Quibranza, Paolo Miguel Quibranza. and Kevin Borromeo. They are siblings as you can tell from their last name and they have been doing this stuff since 2008. They have been playing the scene since Kevin was added to the group and says their genre is mostly alternative rock. Their entry is “Keep Moving On” which would be more on the same genre too.


The last one is the band they call EVEN. They are composed of Dyanne Licudine, Jam Bumanlag, Coco Saupan and Dan Allan Acosta. They all hail from the highlands of North Luzon. They have a brand of dark and melancholic music + performed their original song “Luminary” as an entry to this gig.

Just like me and my taste in shoes, you've got a lot of that too in your system. This gig has shown that the Philippines has a lot of promising bands to watch out for. We are so blessed with talent and we'll find out who will win when the final musical showdown happens on November 9 at Excess Superclub in Quezon City. All you've got to do now is go to their Facebook page to find out how to support your favorite band. Make sure you get counted and don't forget to use hashtags #sneakersgetloud and #converseph when you tweet or post your favorite shoes on Instagram.

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