Berocca Night on Full Blast - Manila

Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's my first time here but I've heard so much about Berocca when they held parties elsewhere in the country. I don't think they did this just for fun but more so they could let us test out the real deal effects of taking Berocca after a night of binging and drinking. In true fashion, I took a lot of the cocktails and hard liquor available in posh HYVE in Fort Bonifacio. I did this out of passion for blogging... I drank a lot for you guys as a sacrifice hahaha

It was pretty cool seeing some of the celebrities I've covered in the past.They were there too to see how Berocca works. Some of them were obviously using it for ages. It's my first time though since I used a different brand.

They gave me one after a few drinks. I was skeptical on how it would work on me. This one's got orange flavor, a pretty dumb mistake on the hand of their competitor who only has one plain jane bubbler that tastes like chalk. Since I have work the next day, I needed this. I used to have problems like hangovers... but looks like they've proven their worth as this dose of Berocca took care of that.

Then I saw more guys and gals who drank some of it too. See anyone you fancy?

Then we had fun and games courtesy of the BOYS NIGHT OUT crew.

It was a Berocca drinking contest and of course, winners get to take home Berocca gift packs that would last them a whole year!

Then they called in some MORE ladies for the next game. They needed to TWERK to win! =)

The boys of course were all so excited! I on the other hand was so behaved. Promise! =))

We had so much time to party, we were all energetic and still raved for more! The day after, I was able to still go back to work. The pretty good news is that I HAD NO HANGOVERS. I didn't even take pain killers this time and that is a LIFE CHANGING moment for me. 

Now you know what to do the next time you go out and PARTY HARD with your friends. It's going to be no worries once you get Berocca in your system plus you'll get Vitamin B, C and essential minerals that would fuel you throughout the day!

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