American Eagle Outfitters: Live Your Life!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

The touch and class of Americana interpreted on clothes is this season's offering in American Eagle Outfitters. 

In a hosted dinner a few days ago, we were invited together with press and new media practitioners to witness a new campaign launched also on other countries where American Eagle Outfitters also resides. 

They had lots of people on video representing different states, each wearing, pairing up and using accessories from American Eagle Outfitters. Each individual had different ways, different styles but all exuding that All American factor and lineage presented in clothes. This is how the brand wants to be represented elsewhere... and they properly call it LIVE YOUR LIFE!

They also have opened and inaugurated this new American Eagle Outfitters store in posh Greenbelt 3 in Makati. It's a huge place that's got Men and Women's clothes all on their racks. They've got shirts, blouses, jeans, jackets, socks, shoes, accessories and intimate wear that would please the most discriminating fashion critic. And on that note, please watch this video on HD!

I hope the video I made did justice to what they want to present their clientele in the Philippines. As for me, I got my haul of Jeans (a size smaller coz I got thin I think LOL) and a couple of colored socks which I absolutely love!

There were other items to take note of like the large jackets (for men) and the boots which is currently on display on their shop's window. You'll never ever regret getting these items from the Greenbelt 3 branch because in my opinion, it's the best in quality. If you are in the area, you MUST shop at American Eagle Outfitters. You'll never regret it. And don't say I told you so! =)

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