Team Designed, Custom Built: NIXON at SM Premier Aura

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Totally NOT related to the former US President, NIXON is a brand who's roots come from Encinitas, CA in 1998. They initially created a small line of team-designed, custom built watches and only sold it exclusively in specialty board sport to small fashion and lifestyle retailers. Intended for surfers and extreme sports athletes, it has become a stalwart of easy, home grown clothing that include select men’s and women’s outfits, leather goods and custom audio headphones now enjoyed even in Asia Pacific. 

The Philippine market still proves to be an important one and they have seen this one of the places in the region to put a stamp on. It was carried previously by dealers but we're so lucky to have a full store that genuinely has stuff from NIXON which we got hold of last week.

They've got pretty DAMN good watches on display.

Tried it on for size and it was the perfect fit. It was a Man's watch and I really felt it was mine right from the beginning. You know that thing where you feel serendipity? Exactly.

Then another one that can pass for a more classy dressed up suit, none of those shiny ones that glisten on spotlights. This is something that could be worn by Agent 007 himself. As part of the Sniper Collection, it just had the right amount of pizazz that men would want in a watch.

It's also got the patented lock that you can only see in NIXON watches. A pretty good way to identify the brand on that alone.

These cost around $ 150- 200 bucks, just do the math in Philippine pesos; but it is mid range which totally sells on me. Great for yuppies that want a good and impressive everyday watch. Then we had more!

These watches are part of the DIP DYE collection. Easy going, not so expensive watches but really good quality. This would be the perfect gift for young guys who want things simple yet still classy. The two to three toned color wonder would look really good even with simple shorts or jeans and a shirt.

There's also the Gunsmith, Karmaflage (which is on sale), Luxe Heritage, Rover Patchwork and other collections that would really fit you. Just check them out on the store and there's surely one that'll fit you.

I also liked some of their bags. This one in the center that's got yellow trims is a must buy item.

The belt and buckles have character. Simple yet the pop of red would likely give it away. Proud to wear NIXON on any suit, jeans or casual wear... it would be nice to have this accessory in your closet.

They also have headphones, mobile speakers that are in different shapes and sizes. It's crisp, clear and loud... just the way you like it at around 30-150 bucks. They also have cases and covers that would fit new phone models because they are complete... it's a lifestyle brand after all and together with your board + bleached hair... you'll look good on the beach and on land. No sweat!

If there's something that I would prefer to get in this store, it's those watches (especially the limited edition ones) and these pieces of clothing! I love those wifebeaters and sweaters!

 I've hand picked two sweaters that would be perfect for men and women. Would I pass as a stylist? =)

It's relaxed, it feels good on the skin and would definitely want you to remember a day in the beach, working out, your boards and those memorable times with friends. If you think it's you, you should never hesitate to wear something that would represent your style and personality. After all, at the end of the day the only thing that would make you happy will be something that you get with your hard earned money and the people who appreciate it around you. It's not expensive, prices are competitive and the brand is world class. What more can you ask for?

For more details please visit their Facebook Page

Or visit their official website

Or visit their store at the SM AURA Premier in Taguig City

Capisce!? =)



Corine Deloria Paloma said...

i really miss them also...

gloriousmay said...

im really a fan of them...lab them both