My First Authentic OKTOBERFEST at Sofitel Manila!

Friday, November 01, 2013

I haven't been to a real one. One that's like ahmm... what the Germans do. The usual I think in local ones only involve beer and bands only so I was so excited to hear I'll get more of that in this real deal OKTOBERFEST organized by the German Club in Sofitel Manila. 

This is their 75th year and it only calls for a huge celebration. It's also apt that they are going to hold in a great venue such as Sofitel Manila's Harbor Garden Tent. This place can literally hold 2000 people in a single night and I must say, this well attended event did not disappoint.

From long tables intended for groups, you'll feel that the whole vibe was intended to be something that would let you IN on a true blue and significant occasion for the Germans. An Asian-Hispanic boy in this event? I said why not.

So I went ahead and grabbed one of these mugs and filled it up with my favorite Lager. All in the spirit of learning and drinking culture that is definitely foreign to mine. I loved every bit of it when I saw the other components of this gig. 

The food was SUPERB. There were tons and tons of sausages, sauerkraut, breads, fruits and pastries that you would only probably see in Germany when this is celebrated. I found heaven in my plate every time I go back and forth the line and I did swear a couple of times while I was at it. Yes, THREE PLATES FULL!

I was in some way living my passion. I wanted a taste of it and now I'm already experiencing it. Thank you for this Sofitel Manila!

Stage was set and oh and before I forget, this place was really lacking in something. We forgot the Germans! =)

Opening the event was the former and current German Club President. They sort of touched us in the history of this even and how it came to the Philippines. Germans wanted this to happen because they miss it so much, they needed to bring it to our shores.

The GM of Sofitel Manila also welcomed us. We expected no less but the best 5 star quality service since they have hosted this event for a few years! This one's so good!

They taught us a few moves so we can celebrate like the Germans do it. I learned a few German words too.

Then they suddenly came in. A real deal German band!

They played all your Bavarian favorites and we all sang along no matter how it sounded awkward if sung by Asian Hispanic guys like me. I love the polkas and the skips and hops. I loved it all.

Plus look at my SAUSAGE HEAVEN!


Then to officially start the festival they cracked open a huge barrel. With a hammer on the right hand and a mug on the other, it started something really good. A huge celebration and party with BEER involved in it. How can that NOT be SO GOOD?!!!

Even the AZKALS Coach agrees. Prost! Zum Wohl!

We all had fun, everyone had their mugs and arms up in the air. Some people even danced on the tables for cryin out loud! =)

Now that's a party, that's a real way to celebrate OKTOBERFEST!

You have to know who you are and I really appreciate that the Germans made this their home away from home. Bringing their culture just makes the Philippines a melting pot... one which we can't deny have been for the last century. Thank you so much to the German Club and Sofitel Manila for making us a part of it. That's how I celebrated OKTOBERFEST 2013 in my part of the world. How about you? =)

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KUMAGCOW said...

Hi Ryan,

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Ryan Berkeley said...

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disable your antivirus programs if you have one installed

Ryan Berkeley said...

it does not show. it does show only in the wireless station status screen of my router page.

KUMAGCOW said...

Uninstall the drivers, and reinstall with this one here

Ryan Berkeley said...

Yep, I did that too. I think I'm at the point that I need to call the service center. On a new device :(

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Have you tried pressing the wireless button on the printer? See if it pops up something on your computer

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If I could go to your house and install it for you I would, we'll have to get some help LOL

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