Swedish Brand J.Lindeberg Lands in the Philippines

Sunday, November 03, 2013

I've known this brand for quite a while now because I often see it being worn by my Dad, Uncles and their friends when I go with them on golf rounds within city limits. They are more on an upscale classy design and not as casual as most shirts in the markets. I've seen them also worn by PGA tourney champions and players which means it's undoubtedly, one of the best.

I heard they set up shop at the SM Premier Aura and got invited to a show in BGC but I wasn't able to catch it. I did the next best thing and mad my co blogger Myke Soon of mixofeverything.blogspot.com.

Just so you know some noted celebrities have worn J. Lindeberg like Brad Pitt, Brad Pitt and Brad Pitt among others LOL. Johan Lindeberg founded this brand in 1996, launched simultaneously in Stockholm and New York. It has definitely come a long way.

Here, my friend Myke sports one of J Lindeberg's jackets that super comfy and fits him perfectly. I checked out some of their clothes and hand picked some of my favorites.

I loved this two button thread textured blue jacket that's perfect for formal to dressed occasions. You must try it on and see if the seams in the shoulder would not look too loose. The shirt on the right was also nice. Even though it's round neck it would probably show neck lines which I like on black, white and dark olive green shades. Too good in fact that I got that and took it home. :)

If I were a little thinner I would have had this one on the left. Golfers must be so thankful to the person who invented the dryfit fabric. The one on the right is a golfers shirt also. Both are pretty good.

When we visited the store in SM Aura Premier, the shirts just became sweeter. There's some top quality products here!

I also like this coat on the left which was quite unusual in color. It's not one of those black or blue ones which men usually wear. I feel the same with the shirts on this rack.

This pink shirt got my attention. I love this because of the color and the cut on the bottom which isn't too uneven. Perfect for me. Someone get this for me please. Thanks! LOL

Now this full ensemble looks really good for executives or juniors who can afford it. Simple, yet very classy. It's not too formal because of the plaid shirts used in this bit. You can even opt for the sweater if you prefer. Really good.

Classy leather shoes, non conventional colored golf shoes plus the black and white spiked ones were really nice. I like the gray one most but I bet it ain't going to be nice on real road, or walk worthy if it ain't grass.

They've got belts, caps and other accessories that you should check out too. It's logo and quality would tell you J. Lindeberg did their homework. Now that there's a brand worthy of your exquisite taste, why don't you take time off and give them a visit in Rockwell or their store in SM Aura Premier. If you want the best, J. Lindeberg has got that covered.

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