Pampanga: YU FU IN Yakiniku and Japanese Restaurant

Monday, November 18, 2013

It was lunch time and we had to rest a bit after walking a lot in Clark grounds. A family owned spot called YU FU IN Yakiniku and Japanese Restaurant was our next destination. It boasts of authentic real deal Japanese dishes since it is owned by one. Mitch Otsuru the owner's daughter told us about how long they have been in the business and why this has been put up. They have Japanese patrons from Clark Airbase and the corporations around the area. The place would ultimately remind them of home and how its made them one of the few places to find authentic char grilled yakiniku in the country. 

YU FU IN is found in First Street, Balibago Angeles City Pampanga. 

The place is grand, has three floors where the two floors above is intended for Function Rooms and Yakiniku Grills. They use real Charcoal which makes meat juicier and tastier.

Their bar has some of the best Sake bottles and wine choices in town so if you have a longing for booze, this place is heaven! 

They have several cabinets containing bottles with names on it, so if you don't finish the whole thing.. They can keep it! 

The owner also has 3 huge libraries like these containing Manga which he collects. You can borrow em while in store.

The private Yakiniku rooms can be reserved for around 10 people. I think they allow smoking anywhere because I saw some Japanese folks doing so while dining.

Then they served us their set meals which costs a measly 185 and they call it service lunch. This is Gyu Sara Set. Quite nice.

Tombo Ramen was nice, this one has roasted pork and isn't too spicy. It's just right.

I ordered my favorite Zaru Soba which is cold buckwheat flour noodles. 

Dip this in sweet soy and spring onions and its a done deal. They make this from scratch so this is really authentic.

The California and Spicy Tuna Maki was really good too, they have the staples and specials. They are definitely one on the few places you should visit when in Pampanga because it's not expensive at all and totally worth it.

For more information

Call them at the Otsuru Group for reservations

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