The tech21 IMPACTOLOGY Impact Shell for the iPhone 5

Friday, November 15, 2013

I bought my iPhone 5 case from a kiosk in Eastwood City a few months ago. It's been able to sufficiently protect my phone but there are hits and misses. One is this awkward looking gap on the back to show the Apple logo and two is the actual case - and how it promotes dirt on the crevices of my phone because they probably missed some spots which should have been shielded from the elements. Plus I'm really afraid to see what would happen if I accidentally drop this smartphone oh the heavens above forbid.

This is the tech21 IMPACTOLOGY Impact Shell for the iPhone 5. The name itself is a mouthful but believe me there's even bigger news on the case itself. It's flexible TPU shell (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) isn't just plain there to protect your phone. There's a technology behind it called D30 which is a fabric technology designed to ultimately dissipate impact if you drop your phone and distributes it on surrounding surface just to make sure it doesn't get damaged. It's shock absorbing but flexible. If you don't know, these are the kind of materials used in football helmets, motoring armors and military grade wear. That's how tough this is.

I wanted to change my existing iPhone 5 case because I couldn't fit some of my 3.5 mm jacks which is pretty normal for headphones, ear plugs or speakers. If that couldn't function well, how can I use it? Now that was really tough.

The part for the volume control was even exposed and I had to find some way to make that taken cared of because the last thing I'd want is a dirty phone. 

The answer was simple, I just had to use the tech21 IMPACTOLOGY iPhone 5 Impact Shell and figured... why didn't they think of that?

It fits snuggly on the phone and got that problem area I mentioned covered. It also opened up the base so I can pretty much fit any of my cables and earphones on it. Now that's great news right?

Now I think that's good proof of this "science of protection" that's indicated on the box. That gives me good reason to keep this one for a long time. I'm sure it'll keep my phone protected and still give me the freedom to use its features as it was intended to be used.

This accessory is available in Astrovision, Beyond the Box, Cell Shoppe, Complink stores, DigiHub Cebu, Digital Arena,  Digital Hub, Digital Walker, E-Central, Games and Gadgets, Globotel, Graphic All In*, iCenter, iCon, iGig Islands and More (NAIA T3), iStore, iStudio, Microstation, Mobile 1, R.O.X., Senco Link, Switch, Technoholics, The Inbox Store and Vertex so if you are in the look for things like this, you know where to go!

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