Going Beyond Limits with Native Union Pop Phones

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I've been using my iPhone5 for quite a while now and I've had a number of problems before, but it's all running smoothly after Globe got that replaced. I must have had a lemon.Then again I have other issues with it; with the rate of calls I'm getting I'm so afraid I'll get a brain tumor pretty soon. The radiation from cellular phones according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is possibly carcinogenic. It is still under study, but I won't have to gamble with that by using this Native Union Pop Phone handset - it's compatible with all of my devices that's got a 3.5mm jack. I already have one these and use it religiously for my iPad to answer local and international calls on Skype and my VOIP lines. Now I'm using this neon green one for my iPhone5. It's got a very retro feel and its overall look doesn't compromise its function because it presents more than that.

This handset is also made for Native Union by award winning designer David Turpin. He's worked with other multinational companies and have already made quite remarkable achievements for over 20 years in the industry. His style I must say is modern and chic.

The box contains the handset with the cable and jack permanently attached to it. It's also got some simple instructions, but I doubt you would even need that. This is pretty elementary. Just stick it in and use it just like any headset or mic.

It's also got something on the side + inside as a guarantee for authenticity. So if you ever have problems with it, you'll be spared from even thinking that this piece of hardware is a fake. Unfortunately, the Asian region is full of counterfeit products and this would surely be a deterrent.

The handset itself is VERY comfortable. The outside material is like skin, rubbery but won't hurt any body parts even if used for a long time.

The middle part where you see this metal button is a clicker that's used as a plunger. You can also use this to answer calls if you plan to use this on Skype like what I did.

The earpiece and microphone doesn't just plainly function as what its supposed to, it also has its own embedded Noise Reduction System that makes sure you hear each other better. I even used it for music (to test) and it was quite clear.

The standard 3.5mm jack fits perfectly on my iPhone5. Though if you have different ports on your phone for audio, the brand has adapters you can use instead. It's available on the Native Union official website too.

What's best is that this particular device can stand alone, so if you need to access your other apps on the phone... you are free to do that. Skype? It's clear because of the high quality speaker and microphone they use on these handsets. You can't stop that while its going. Plus it works with almost every gadget that I use with it. Convenience is priceless.

The Native Union Pop Phone Collection is available in Aquamarine, Lavender, Mint, Jet Black. There are probably more color choices in Neon Retro, you can check that out in authorized resellers Beyond the Box, Digital Hub or Digital Walker stores nationwide. 

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