Blogopolis Into The Wild: Jim Paredes and The new nation 2.0

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jim Paredes whom I met in the Kota Kinabalu trip a few months ago is now talking about The New Nation. He's comparing a lot of things from the past and telling us a little about doing morse code and smoke signals online. 

How traditional media use bloggers now is unprecedented. Finding connections with people is good change, he even made a sample on how he's going to ship 600 tons of relief for Yolanda victims.

Without it, it would have been harder. If you are going to expose yourself to the world, do it the right way. You must have the bigness of heart when you're wrong. That's the best way to solve it on social media. I agree, that's awesome.

Updates later peeps! Live blogging in blogopolis!

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