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Monday, November 04, 2013

Supermodels have flocked the country but I've only seen women mostly who carry that title. Great things come and SM Men's Fashion just got us one by the name of David Gandy. He truly is a presence and just by seeing his photos from various shoots, this 6 foot 3, blue eyed muscular hunky guy from Essex has definitely got it all for a perfect guy template. If there's such a thing that is scruffy hot, he's probably one that will fill its definition. Then the next page will probably be me LOL

We sat down with him a few hours before the SM Men's Fashion show and yes he did answer some very tough questions from Philippine media. Overall, I believe he's the kind of guy who's still old school. A true gentleman never goes out of style. He still prefers holding doors for people, giving up his seat for those who need it or taking off his coat for a lady on a cold night. It's the type where you would want to keep it simple no matter how advanced we already are in this day and age.

He has definitely achieved a lot. Being the spokesperson and image model for well known brands but the most noted one that got him into Times Square in the US was for Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue plus a second campaign for the fragrance with Polish model Anna Jagodzinska. He bagged a third one and we're almost sure he's going to have more in the coming years.

He's also walked and shot with numerous brands and designers but owes it all to but a stroke of luck. He used to deliver Porsches, Jaguars to tracks for testing when his flatmate entered him into a modeling contest without his consent. He eventually won it and it involved him a contract with Select Model Management in London. Countless editorials, campaigns and shoots later on he got connected with SM Men's Fashion and found its grasp on the Asian market. He knew that they were expanding and he was seeing to have his brand and name to touch this part of the globe. It was a mutual thing to have wanted to work with each other. Now that's going to be a reality.

Now, you'll be seeing more of David Gandy not only on SM Men's Fashion show but also with more campaigns, photos, endorsements with the brand and will soon touch on a world stage. I can't wait to see more of this guy and what it'll become soon.

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