Blogopolis Into The Wild: Social Media in the Newsroom

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tj Manotoc made us all a little old by asking us when we signed up for twitter. Starting from how personal initially their accounts were to making their accounts available in the newsroom, he started stating initial tools and how tweetdeck was useful. 

He was made to imagine that Twitter was like Starbucks where you can probably say anything but most of the folks that would hear it are strangers. They did social media research in elections and it was really useful for pushing content. The public engages in live discussions and that is just like real life. It is a big boost for their corporation and the reach is definitely BIG.

It was a perfect avenue for crowd sourcing, sometimes their headlines or scoops come from social media. That just makes news to become an ongoing conversation. Much like online bayanihan. It's not just them pushing content.

Great guy, smart too. No wonder he's got a show based on Social media. 

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