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Friday, November 22, 2013

Your coffee machines don't come this pretty. You might think this one's sloppy but NO, it's one of the most advanced coffee machines ever made from CBTL. They've been in the business for over 50 years and if they don't know what they're doing, who else would be doing a better job than them? =)

The one above is part of their new line. It's called Office One. As the name implies it's perfect for SOHO. Small and medium enterprises comprise about a third of our country's businesses and they consume around 3.1 cups per person, per day. Now imagine if that number is multiplied to hundreds of employees and not to mention spend about P150.00 for that too. What value would you get with an Office One then? Of course, you'll end up saving a ton. It's also easy to do because everything's done with ONE TOUCH.

They've got 14 different viands of espresso, coffee and teas to choose from.

It's also got Energy Saving mode so if you are not using the machine, you know how that works LOL.

Here's another new model from CBTL. They call this the Desto. It almost looks like a Mac tower with its modern design. It performs better and more efficient since you don't have to worry that much about the capsules. There's a container on the center that catches it once used. Pop in a new one and it's going to a chute that collects them all. Pretty smart, design wise.

The one in the back is the water container. You don't need to bother with plumbing in order to get coffee machines like these to work.

Plus they still have the classics, the first ones which they have also successfully released.

CBTL also can partner with businesses. If your restaurant or office needs world class, commercial grade coffee or tea, they can help you set up these machines and work with you.

These gorgeous ladies even got us to make our own concoctions using the espresso, tea and coffee pods from CBTL. We also got a little competitive since our drink will be pitted against others during the event.

We loved our fantasy drink and we got the judges to taste it. We won this round! =)

If you wish to have these machines and pods on your small office/home office, make sure to call the right people.

Check out their official website

Or email them


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