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Saturday, November 02, 2013

I've been hearing about iACADEMY for the longest time and I've never even stepped inside their school yet.

The better alternative came to my email a few days ago when we got invited to the iACADEMY gig at The New Fashion and Beauty Fair 2013 in Rockwell Tent Makati.

The Information and Communications Technology Academy offers fashion courses aside from their current BS Animation, BS Computer Science specializing in Software Engineering, BS Information Technology specializing in Web Development, BS Business Administration specializing in Marketing and Advertising, BS Game Development (on which I want to enroll soon maybe) and AB Multimedia Arts and Design.

They don't have graduates on the Fashion Design course yet because this is their first batch, but it looks promising. The event had a part where designers would be able to showcase their clothes and model too. They've got really a full circle approach in this course where you would be able to figure out what particular field you would do good in says Ms. Nicole Aquino, Chairperson of the Fashion Program at iACADEMY Philippines. The goal is to ultimately be one of the noted Fashion Schools in the country. All fashion lovers should be in the lookout for institutions that would hone what they already have innately. Young and fresh.. they've got to follow their passion and look forward to even make their talent shine, a bit more than the usual.

They even got some pieces displayed that afternoon and I like some of them. These are students, so to see intricate work done on some of them were a welcome sight. That's the "promising" thing I mentioned a while ago. Then there was more.

I also saw Ms. Pia Gladys Perey being interviewed by ETC together with some other personalities (I did that on purpose).

I also saw Renan Jay Pacson who makes SUPERGREAT jackets. I wanted one but I'm sure it won't fit me awwww. This guy's really talented and I like the fact that most of his work is "one of a kind" so you won't see other people wearing things of the same design when you get something from him. He's won awards btw, you should look him up. Maybe I will have one custom made in my size LOL.

Then the fashion show started. Of course I'm shooting! =)

Works above were from Ella Santos for Nuevo Estilo and the guy I mentioned just a while ago Renan Pacson. See why I adore his jackets?

I think they were tasked to use faux leather and the red plaid fabric. I have to say there were REALLY GOOD hits and very small misses because admittedly I'm not a fan of the draped type and knots (which were done twice in this row by one designer I think) as it looks a little baggy (on the heavy side) but I do get what they were doing. The other pieces were great and was incorporated quite well. Their work is really promising as I said earlier and given the few years learning about the craft of fashion design, they'll have better and more polished outputs pretty soon. I couldn't wait to see them do something that would express their individual style. I bet that would be more indicative of their talents. There were some already displayed earlier and if that's their handy work, I'm sure they are on the right path. iACADEMY will give you the right tools and training, but will let you discover what you want to pursue in the future. Make sure you check out their Facebook page for more details on their courses. Like them at https://www.facebook.com/iACADEMY.

Then one of my favorite designers Ms. Pia Gladys Perey showed her work.

The fabric is heavenly. Smooth, soft and dreamy. In standard and design, she's definitely got that on target. It hugs the female form and you kinda feel each piece was made to make a woman look more luxurious while wearing it. She's really good.

And she's got adorable kids too.

They ended the show with the students of John and Paul Herrera. Their work was really nice and well edited. Classy, sophisticated and well executed. Things are really looking up to these non pros that have professional outputs. Pretty good job especially on the gowns.

iACADEMY has so much more to offer. Hone your talents the right way by enrolling on their programs that makes you a BETTER version of YOU.

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