Pampanga: Betis Church

Monday, November 18, 2013

The travel from Clark in Angeles Pampanga to Betis Church was a long ride. It took us around an hour or two if I'm not mistaken. We traveled on the sides of Pampanga's very own Mega Dike which was made to save several towns from lahar and pyroplastic flows during the Mount Pinatubo eruption in the 90's. 

The government spent millions on this project and I guess it served its purpose. 

Arriving at the Betis Churchbwe were greeted by a really neat facade which dates up to the year 1700. 

This is one of two churches in the Philippines that still have hard wood flooring. Most churches have cement or marble.

Outside the church, they have several structures all made for their patron saints and for a miraculous fountain which is a little dirty now.

I wasn't really prepared to see what was inside, but I'm telling you... It was really breathtaking!

This is Jesus ascending into heaven, it was at the center of the church ceiling.

The church was a mix if rustic, shabby chic. It was restored in the 60's so you can really see the details above. 

The central part where the priest officiates the mass was equally gorgeous. It was full of cherubs, saints and a couple of angels here and there. 

The altar had a multitude of hand carved saints showing how much this area has grown to be the furniture capital of Luzon. It might even have Cebu a run for its money.

On the left side of the church is this mural of Christ and Mama Mary when he was brought down from the cross.

On the right side, they had a portrait of the holy family. I must say I have visited Betis Church before but I've never seen it this close or paid attention that much. There are also a few more statues outside that you should see. Thanks to the City Government of San Fernando and Association of Travel Agencies in Pampanga (ATAP) for arranging our trip. This part was definitely awesome. 

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