Monday, November 25, 2013

Everyone was so excited to hear the news that 2PM's NICHKHUN was going back to the Phillippines, but more importantly he's back for something special as this Thai American singer/actor from South Korea affirms his status as the newest BENCHSETTER for lifestyle brand BENCH. We were there during his press conference.

The event was hosted by Grace Lee also known as Lee Kyŏng Hee in real life. She hosts local radio shows in Manila and consequently fluent in Korean too. NICHKHUN was surprised later on when she interviewed him in English and Korean. 

 Then he arrived =)

It was a little silent in the room because the press and the guests were probably all star struck. You know that feeling where people were probably too shy to ask questions? I think that's exactly what happened. =)

He was really fun to talk to. I didn't know he was quite articulate. I had the notion of seeing Korean Pop Stars always talk in Korean when visiting the country. He's so nice too and had that demeanor of being down to earth even if he is REALLY famous in this part of the globe.

He also joked about how he can speak a little of everything. He can talk Thai, English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean but not a master of anything. He laughed a bit when asked about that.

His style is easy. He just wants it comfortable. He really loves the chinos from Bench and the shirts that they have inside the store. Best of all, it's affordable. You can even compare it with other international brands and find it good... even BETTER!

Congratulations NICHKHUN for now being part of the BENCH FAMILY! We can't wait for more of your campaigns to be launched in other countries too! He even mentioned he was so proud to see his shots in the Middle East when they had a show there.

Then he had to say goodbye...

Thank you NICHKHUN! Thank you BENCH for bringing world class endorsers to our shores!

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