NOT "Just a Shoe": The 2013 CONVERSE Weatherized Collection

Saturday, November 30, 2013


Clothing is restricted to human beings. At first, it was merely intended for protection. It was intended to battle every force of nature your body won't be able to handle. This remains so true. Today more than ever, in every pair of shoe - you try to find your own IDENTITY; this is the same feeling of finding that certain "STYLE" that would best represent you. It's that moment when you would be able to make them see your taste, your hunger to appreciate things - and how you would like to be perceived by the world. All THAT just for a shoe - but THIS unfortunately... is not just a bloody shoe for me. 


This awesome Black Stitched Leather Shoes by CONVERSE is part of the 2013 Chuck Taylor Weatherized Collection. For most people, they are probably just seeing these as plain Chucks. For me, it's quite different. I'll tell you why.

I'm John. I live in a small town in Quezon City all my life. I couldn't say I'm rich, I couldn't say I'm poor but my life is just about... right. I have no qualms with people. I live with memories of my childhood that would gladly pay a pretty normal upbringing, but really no.

I've been bullied a lot. I was too thin and dark as a kid that others used to call me palito or negro. With a Spanish lineage spanning decades of naturally good looks and machismo, you were bound to be ridiculed because of what you look and what you wear. Some people in my community including my childhood friends did the same - because Filipinos generally have a template for what looks good in their dictionary. Yet I never took anything against them, or anybody. It's a cultural thing I guess. 

After the ill fated puberty, I grew up pretty fast. With a sculptured German physique + six pack abs (of course that's a joke!), became bigger, taller than the average Filipino, I loathed myself in getting better at EVERYTHING I do. With good folks at home, better friends and a promising career in view... I always wanted to keep my style in check so I get the confidence I needed to get there.


When I saw these Black Stitched Leather Shoes on the catalog, I immediately grabbed it. It's non conventional exterior, strong stitched construction, tough and sturdy sole just spelled ME all over it. What I like about this is that it can pass for a more "casual look" since it's leather but still make you a bit edgy since it doesn't look like usual ones from the factory. The shoes DEFINITELY made me more confident, like a security blanket. THIS is also the reason why I never treat my shoes as "just a shoe". When I wear them, they make me proud. I become confident and get that needed boost because I know I look good with these weatherized Chucks all day long.

DSC_0054-3 DSC_0045

On a regular day, my essentials are NOT just plain essentials. I've been blogging since 2003. I carry around a DSLR camera, a Laptop computer, a shirt and a few things for personal "look" maintenance. Ladies call them "Kikay Kit", I call them "Macho Kit" why not LOL.


I found this bag off the shelf in a Grape Leaf color (consequently this is also a part of the 2013 Weatherized Collection). It's big enough to fit those items I mentioned and size wise, something that I can carry. I'm not a fan of small ones since I find it more of an accessory rather than a REAL bag. This one was really comfortable, and yes this is pretty much FUNCTIONAL. It's what people like me need to get that exuding confidence I was telling you about earlier. Add this bag to the overall look and I'm GOOD.


Aside from that, this might prove the fact that BIG boys like me need BIG Pitch Black bags like these. Whether going to the gym or just hitting the road for a few days, this is PERFECT.


It even matches my shoes - it felt like serendipity. I am happy. I feel like the universe is coming together. With the unmatched quality and fare for things that look good, comfortable and functional CONVERSE has gone the extra mile to make you and I be the best version of ourselves with the 2013 Weatherized Collection. I've already decided to add this shoe (and the other caps, jackets and bags) to my still growing collection of Chucks at home. Now it's your turn and make that decision. Who knows?! The change you've been longing for all these years might start with "just a shoe".


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Note: Am NOT a model, just a good lookin' CONVERSE owner. :)


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