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Monday, September 16, 2013

Finding a job? You probably know the authority in this field. It's no less than JOBSTREET.COM. It is the number 1 Job site in the Philippines. It has helped countless Filipinos, employees and employers alike to achieve their dream of becoming a part of the country's workforce. It's now going to be even easier as a new app has been launched to make applications and transactions better, more secure and faster!

The app is FREE and can easily be downloaded off the App Store or Google Play Store. It isn't even that big so it's light on memory. I downloaded it myself so I could try it out, I've always been able to use the website but this one's quite powerful. Case in point, you can set your preferred salary when finding a job.

You can set it to the minimum Monthly salary but it also refine search results according to your Job Title, and preferred Work Locations. Of course you would want the amount a little higher than your previous job. But the system also includes some that may be around your expected salary if they find it a little close. The location is also important so you can specify if you want to work within your city or elsewhere in the world. also has access to jobs in nearby Asian cities, Europe, US and the Middle East. Make sure you check and verify if they have POEA licenses aside from the strict screening and requirements done by them as well. They do this by process so you get the extra blanket of security you need while looking for your dream job. 

The app would match your qualifications and refine again the results. I don't think you'll run out of choices as it updates real fast, real time. Install this now on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Windows, Android and BlackBerry so you'll never be left behind. If you are not happy with your current one, it'll be easy to find a better job where you'll be qualified, given the right salary and be beneficial for you and your loved ones. Work hard, party harder!

Recent metrics also show that the app has been downloaded quite a lot these past few months. People are taking advantage of applying for jobs and submitting resume's this easy, why should you be left behind?  

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