CREAM SILK Hair Fall Defense Blog Giveaway Winners!

Monday, September 16, 2013

It's already Monday so here are the winners of the Creamsilk giveaway! I don't want to make this very long so here you go!

The first one's a lady and we picked number 39 (through on Twitter. I checked and she followed the requirements.


The next one's from Facebook

We got number 4 and he's!


Checked his likes as well and we were there.

Let's watch how they made it into strings!

So congratulations to Twitter user @theresa_03 and Mr. Jay Ramones. Thank you also to Creamsilk for letting us see hair so strong you can even make music out of it! So guys and gals, start using Creamsilk, who knows... we might have a full orchestra in a few years all made of hair! Tenenenenen! =))

Thanks for joining guys! Hope you join the next one soon!

PS: I will follow and DM you on how to claim your gift packs courtesy of Creamsilk. It will be picked up by you in a place in Makati. I'll give you more details through PM and DM! =) 

For more information about Creamsilk

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Cream Silk Hair Reborn



KUMAGCOW said...

There you go! Hehe

tet said...

Thanks a bunch! :)