GMA's Prince and Princess of Drama Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal Stars in Prinsesa Ng Buhay Ko!

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Two of the brightest stars in GMA in one afternoon, who am I to complain about that. It was set last week and I was so happy because I've seen these guys even off cam. It was time to get to know them a little better as they set sail on their new project with the Kapuso network entitled "Prinsesa ng Buhay Ko!" which gambles on the awesome love team of the station's current Prince Aljur Abrenica and Princess Kris Bernal.

This was originally titled "Prinsesa Ng Masa" but it seemed to have gotten flack so they changed it to the new one "Prinsesa ng Buhay Ko!" which garnered a more intimate and paired feel. This evolves in a love story between an entrepreneurial woman who wanted it all for her family and a tough lad who had it all but falls in love with her - not knowing they have been together already (and grew up quite close) in an orphanage where this story started. Kris seems to have been wishing for this and she's blessed to have been trusted by GMA with this project. It's been a while since we've seen their pairing on screen and it has undoubtedly been effective. Just look at their past projects and you'll know.

It was like they haven't even parted ways, it was just like the time they were together in Coffee Prince. Aljur wasn't able to answer where their chemistry came from. It was so natural that it just became part of their system. It was just there and it was awesome that people came to appreciate it.

Although they have their respective partners, they never lost it and their fan base seemed to have continued to grow. That's one thing they've been thankful for. They (both Aljur and Kris' fans) even help out in their respective charities in the past. Remember when I went with Aljur HERE and Kris HERE? It was really touching to see them go the distance; to get out of their way and help kids and women in crisis. Kris laments, she finds it unfair for other people to suffer while she finds success. She wants to have the chance to actually do charity work everyday instead of just on her birthday; and help more people. It's a noble act in every way. 

Aljur on the other hand finds value in this. He's spent a whole lot of time working for his family but his Dad kept him grounded and reminded him of the responsibility to be of help for others. He appreciates it more because he gets to also be with his fans and influences them to do the same. 

 How close are they? Well Aljur gave it a go and sang a Filipino love song for us and Kris. Kris on the other hand bragged about the voice lessons she had while she was on hiatus and have seen she's really improved. Aljur giggled a bit and went on joking around about Kris' singing, then praised her in the end then teased her again. These two are so comfortable with each other and probably miss the times they've been together. It was awesome to have even realized that this late, if I was a foreigner and just saw them in this state I'd completely mistake them as boyfriend and girlfriend. Kahit asin lalanggamin. LOL!

Other characters in this series will be played by Renz Fernandez who got the role of Dino aka Aljur's brother in the program. LJ Reyes as Lynette who will be Aljur's girl in the series, Pauleen Luna as Megan and Jan Manual as Anjo which you'll eventually take notice of once it starts this September. They will be joined by several seasoned actors and actresses which will be seen on the series soon!

Thank you so much to GMA Artist Center and Congo Grille Tomas Morato for bringing us together that afternoon! Let's all watch Prinsesa Ng Buhay Ko  on GMA's Primetime block as the Prince and Princess of Drama rightfully takes their place in our hearts. Congratulations Kris and Aljur! You deserve all these blessings because you've been so good with people who are in need! 

I'll be seeing you soon! For me, you guys are perfect for each other! =)

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luhdhi said...

thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and articles of Alkris..
thank you for all your support to this unbeatable and in seperable love team..

KUMAGCOW said...

My pleasure!