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Thursday, September 26, 2013

One of the world's most hated subject to talk about (in my case) is health. I don't know if I'm still in denial. Honestly, I've been contemplating to let people know how I've been doing since I've pretty much hit it all. I've got weight problems to deal with, high blood pressure plus my sugar readings are off the chart. I won't tell you the specifics... but in a nutshell, no matter how much people tell me I still look good... the reality is; I have all these things to worry about.

Then, lo and behold I got a reality check last week. My Dad was rushed to the hospital and got initially checked for Pneumonia since he couldn't breathe. A few days later, he still wasn't feeling any good. He's taken antibiotics, inhaled pascals of steam yet he felt very weak and still couldn't breath when he lied down. Doctors say it could be his heart (which later on we found out was true; "Enlargement of the heart"); not to be a grinch but it does run in the family. My grandma, grandpa, my uncles, my aunts all seem to have the same issues. It dawned on me that I'm the next one to eventually have it. The overeating, high blood pressure from stress and everything I'm eating, blood sugar count that's off the chart thanks to my sweet tooth, and pretty soon I'd probably have heart problems too (which I really hope doesn't happen). I'm in dire need of help and I've got to act now before it's too late.

Saw an ad of Circulan on TV a few days ago and from what I've heard from my friends and relatives who tried it, they say it's the best thing I should do for myself since I'm already stressing about how to live a healthier lifestyle. I'm a skeptic of course and asked them how would a pill could actually make me feel better? I researched a bit and found out about how Circulan Promises Good Health. Mind you, saying that alone is a tall order to promise; but in order for me to quash my skepticism I had to know what's inside a single pill that can make me healthy. They named 4 and they are Hawthorn Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Garlic Oil, Lemon Balm.

Hawthorn Berry has extracts that are beneficial for the betterment of your circulatory system. There are studies indicating it's effective in treating angina, high blood pressure, and prevent congestive heart failure. It's been used widely in the European region and has always been regarded as a safe and effective treatment for the early stages of heart disease. I might as well try it. I've seen Gingko Biloba trees in South Korea a few years ago and my friends say it's perfect for the skin and “signs of aging” since it's one of the best source of anti-oxidants. It's also good for memory and your overall psyche, something that could definitely be healthy in your heart and mind. Garlic oil has been used for ages. Its anti-bacterial properties is pretty much good for everything. It also makes your blood pressure better and improve its circulation by taking out clogging fat inside the heart. The Greeks on the other hand has been using Lemon balm for thousands of years. It also is effective against high blood pressure and studies have shown that it also makes you smart. All of these benefits in one pill like Circulan. Now who in the right mind would say no to that?!

This just gives me a lot of reason to believe that I can still do it. I can make my lifestyle a whole lot better because aside from a change in diet, healthy exercise and a promising outlook; Circulan can definitely help me achieve a FULL life. I could stay in this world longer, better, stronger and I have to make sure to follow my friends, relatives and doctor's advice to make things simple... if I couldn't help myself in genetics, the fighting chance can be in a form of a 4 in 1 pill. I am so glad that Ciculan Promises me, and YOU… Good Health.

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