A Peek at Sofitel Manila's Club Millesime

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The memories come crashing back to me when I saw this sign. It gives me fond memories of what I've experienced during my stay in Sofitel Manila. I was so happy to have been able to experience their lounge services in Club Millesime.This is a deal breaker if you're still thinking why you shouldn't go ahead and book a room or two in Sofitel Manila; because in my books, other hotels just don't have it.

We were greeted with warm smiles upon entering the space located at the 10th Floor of Sofitel Manila. It was just a few steps away from our room which faces the grand Manila Bay and Sofitel's own Lagoon. I had my eyes already set on the table I wanted to be in but it was raining outside so we can't go al fresco. These lovely ladies and the other staff members of Club Millesime didn't make us wait at all and proceeded to escort us to our table.

Who wouldn't want to be seen with them right? Aside from that, we were delighted to see they've already set up our table that afternoon. It was cozy!

They are open the whole day for refreshments but make special arrangements for Breakfast, Late Afternoon Snack and evening wine/cocktails. The place is classy and they'd appreciate you to dress a bit for kicks. It's also got its own private library lounge where you can probably hold small chats/meetings if you need it.
Plus they've got an impressive spread of pastries, cold cuts, hors d'oeuvres which can even impress the most discriminating palate. I love the variety of cookies they had that morning and of course the yummy sandwiches, bagels and smoked salmon that came with it.

 It felt like royalty when they suddenly put this on our table. It's warm, freshly baked bread that I had to pair up with cold butter and a load of this!

From Apricot, Blueberry, Strawberry and Orange Marmalade they've got all the Jams you love that's oh so good! I had to close my eyes too every time I took a bite off the croissant! =)

They've also got freshly brewed coffee that's all frothy and neat. Add a huge amount of cream and it's my kind of cup. This was just heavenly!

They also had salads in the afternoon which I splurged on. I like greens, mostly the peppery ones. They also had different kind of hams and cold cuts plus a variety of salad dressings that could go with anything you put on the plate. Mine had Bleu Cheese and Mustard. Weird for you perhaps, but perfect for me!

Sink your teeth into these delightful marshmallows which you can dip into chocolate or orange melted on candle light. I love fondues! It's my guilty pleasure! I was surprised to also find out that their marshmallows are pretty damn good. Their pastry chef and staff might be really thinking of good ways to serve these. Amazing!

I had around 10 glasses of Sweet, Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice and wanted to have some more if I weren't that full. I loved to stay and take a couple of hours here if I didn't had to go to another event. =)

Business travelers would find it quite easy to use the Club Millesime's Mac computers for internet use. The lounge chairs can be your go to place if you need to relax and watch shows in their wide screen LED TV's. You'll love the culture of French reception as they show you their whole entourage in serving exquisite food, wine, art and services. Oh they'll even ask you how you would want your eggs to be cooked. Mine had Mushroom and cheese on it. It's too pretty to eat!

Don't forget to try dining or having lunch al fresco because Club Millesime has got some awesome views of Manila Bay and the sides of Manila's cultural centers. If it wasn't for the typhoon I would have preferred that. =) Maybe then after all that lovely thing you had for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner you can get started on your magnifique day in Sofitel Manila and their awesome Club Millesime.

For what it's worth, this would come with the room you can reserve through http://www.sofitelmanila.com. Just ask specifically for rates that already come with perks like Club Millesime. You won't regret it because it's like having your own small version of Spiral which I'll tell you about soon. Perhaps if you would avail a room or two you won't need to stare at my food photos too much, please stop drooling and do it! You deserve this treat! You've been working hard anyway! =)

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